A Basic Guide to Choosing the Perfect Electric Trike for Older Adults

Getting older can be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop riding or can’t start riding with your friends and family. Older adults tend to be a bit more concerned about their balance and seek a three-wheeled option to give them the confidence to get going or to keep going. 

The key things to look for when choosing an electric trike are the same for all people, including older adults: 

Electric Trikes for Older Adults 

We are often approached by many people requesting the perfect electric trike for older adults, and of course, we always recommend an electric tricycle as the perfect solution. Why? Well, an electric trike makes those big scary hills easy and manageable for our riders. With electric pedal assistance, riding becomes more enjoyable and less daunting. It levels the playing field for all riders, turning trike rides into fun experiences and not just exercise! And while you still exert effort, the beauty lies in being able to adjust the intensity, making it easier to ride frequently and cover longer distances. 

two older adult women riding their electric trike

Lesley and Helen riding our BF i-Tri Upright Electric Trikes

Comfortable Trikes for Older Adults 

The next thing we are often asked about is comfort. Well, that one is tricky; like art, comfort is in the eye of the beholder! What works for one older rider may not work for another. So, we work with you to find out more about where you want to ride, who you want to ride with, and what experience you have riding either 2-wheels or 3-wheels. 

Some people are surprised when we tell them that the “best electric trike riders are those who have not ridden a bike before!” It doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy riding a trike; it just means we have to retain some people who have recently enjoyed riding a bike. But we are always up for the challenge! 

To make an upright trike more comfortable, we offer a range of memory foam and comfort saddles. We also adjust the handlebars and fit comfort bars which don't require a lot of weight to rest on your wrists. The ride position is upright, so you are safe looking ahead, and we reduce the need to turn by offering rear-vision mirror upgrades. And if all that isn’t enough, we can fit the ultimate comfort item – a suspension seat post and 4” fat tires! 

man smiling on electric trike

Tom on his “go faster” red Trojan Fat Tyre Electric Trike

So, if you're looking for the perfect electric trike for older adults, we've got you covered! We have a dedicated trike mechanic team that can customise to your every trike need! We know how to keep your trike in tip-top condition and keep you riding.