MS riders rejoice!

For the first time in its running history, the renowned MS Qld annual Brissie to Bay ride included a ride specifically designed to be inclusive. This 10km ride, often enjoyed by families and individuals alike, was touted as an Inclusive Ride for the first time in 2024. The activities leading up to the event invited those living with neurological conditions to participate rather than observe.
People living with MS and a range of other neurological conditions have long known about the benefits of cycling in mitigating some of their conditions. Bike riding can help with aerobic exercise and overall physical fitness, but also offers an active way to improve access to the community and social participation.

Riding an electric bike or an electric tricycle enables those who are no longer able to ride a mechanical option, the means to continue to enjoy riding for physical and mental well-being.
Throughout the world, there is a strong community of bike riders who continue to ride while living with MS and other conditions. We say 'Life is a Journey – Ride it!' To achieve this, everyBody eBikes has developed a range of bicycles and tricycles to enable people to keep riding throughout their journeys, as independent riders, assisted riders or as a passengers.
Riding journey

If wanting to know more, please call one of our friendly team and we can talk through the options which may suit you now and into the future. We have many to share, so please, start riding, keep riding or return to riding – it really can change your life.

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