Did you flood in the Feb 2022 flood event in Brisbane?
Our retail showrooms and workshop were significantly impacted by the Feb 2022 flooding in Brisbane, with inundation to over 4 metres deep resulting in most items being scrapped. We luckily had all our unassembled bikes stored in our warehouse in Brendale which was not affected. Also, accessories on higher display units and our spare parts and accessory storage areas were not reached by flood waters.
Am I too old to ride an ebike?
We have many riders who are retired and we specialise in helping older riders and riders with a disability or mobility concern be able to find the right bike or trike to suit their individual needs. We like to say "you are never too old to ride a bike" and we have trike riders who are over 100, many in their 90s, even more in their 80s and if you are younger then 80, surely it is not even an issue. 80 is the new 60 after all!
Talk to us, we are gentle in our approach for those who are worried about coming back to riding and we take the same approach to encourage those who have never ridden to give it a go. Some of our best trike riders have NEVER RIDDEN a two-wheeled bike - you may be a trike superstar! We have many of them in our wonderful, supportive community. Give us a try.
Do you ship your bikes and trikes in cartons?

No, all our bikes are fully assembled and tested before we send them to our customers. We pride ourselves in making it as easy as possible for our customers to ride straight away and if you are based close to our store, we may even be able to bring the bike to you for a fee.

Can you provide advice on ebikes, their differences and options for different body shapes and sizes?
Yes, we appreciate the opportunity to describe the range of bikes we import, those we stock and the pros and cons of each model and style. What we try to do is find a match between the individual and the range we offer and if it is not possible, we are happy to confirm that too! Ultimately, we aim to find ebikes for everybody! We supply bikes and trikes to able-bodied riders of all ages, at all stages in their riding journey from riding standard 2-wheeled bikes with cross-bar to step-throughs to folding 2-wheeled bikes. We sell stabilised folding bikes, upright trikes, sit-down or semi-recumbent trikes, tagalongs, side-by-side trikes and towable trikes. We sell trikes which can be ridden independently, with assistance and/or supervision and passenger bikes and trikes and rickshaws. We have the largest range of bikes and trikes including wheelchair trikes in Australia. We are a specialist and we know what we are talking about!
What is the difference between an upright trike and a semi-recumbent trike? An upright or traditional trike has a saddle and the pedals are below the bottom of the rider. To get onto an upright trike, the rider must have enough strength to be able to get over the frame and to push themselves up onto the saddle. The taller the rider, the higher the saddle must be to enable their legs to pedal the bike without pain. 

An upright trike will need to be steered by the rider as it tracks to the low point on slopes. This traditional design also is more tippy as the height of the rider may make them feel that every change in slope and camber moves their body like a pendulum. Often riders who have ridden a 2-wheeled bike in the past will try and compensate for camber changes by leaning away from the slope but this can have the affect of making the trike move in the opposite direction to that planned. Upright trike riders must lean into the curve on the side of the lower wheel and steer the trike out of the slope. Like snow skiing. Some people find it very difficult to adapt and the taller and heavier the rider, the more pronounced this may be.

A semi-recumbent or sit-down tricycle has a seat rather than a saddle. The seat is at the height, usually, of a dining chair and has a base pad and backrest to support the rider. The pedalling action is towards the front of the tricycle rather than under the bottom of the rider and the way to get onto the trike can include stepping over the frame but can also include sitting down first and then swivelling around to lift one leg over the frame while seated. 

The semi-recumbent tricycle geometry is more forgiving as it is less responsive to changes in camber. As long as the rider keeps both rear wheels travelling at the same elevation (i.e. square to the slope and not across-slope), the rider feels far more stable and comfortable and can concentrate on steering, braking and using the power control. Far less weight is on the wrists and the steering feels lighter in the more prone position.

Some people prefer the pedalling action to be towards their bottom and we have a range of semi-recumbent options with varying crank positions. We frequently sell semi-recumbent or sit-down trikes to people who are older, have less confidence, are taller or heavier or who really are looking for a comfortable, fun and exciting ride. Suited to older riders, active seniors, disabled riders, taller children, people who have one-sided weakness, riders with prosthetics.

Our Trident semi-recumbent electric tricycle is our best-selling trike in Australia.

Is it safe to ride a tricycle?
Trikes can be tricky, especially if you have recently ridden a 2-wheeled bike. We offer advice and guidance in the shop or during trials to talk through our trike-riding tips, but ultimately a trike rider must be able to handle the steering and management of slopes and camber through the use of the brakes, steering and power systems. All trikes can tip if turned sharply at speed. We offer both upright and sit-down trikes and find many potential customers find a sit-down or semi-recumbent frame to be easier to handle, more forgiving and safer. Safety means choosing your route, your riding style and your power settings wisely and in response to your local environment at the time you are riding. If in doubt, stop the trike, reassess the safety of the situation and wait. Do not try to compensate for other road or path users if it compromises your safety.
Can you provide bikes for people with achondroplasia or short-limbed dwarfism?
Yes, EveryBody eBikes has developed a unique, world-first electric bike called the Lightning, which has been designed specifically for people with short limbs. It has a very low seat height, very low step-over height and versatile handlebar positioning. It has a small battery mounted over the rear wheel and a motor to assist with fatigue while riding. We can fit standard handlebars or the loop bar which has nearly 270-degree positional options. We can also manage small hands using smaller brake levers and brake lever loops. We have tried to think of everything to get short-statured riders able to ride a 2-wheeled ebike.

If you need more stability or a higher ride position, we are considering dropper post options as well for the 2-wheeled bike and can also offer a range of tricycle and stabilised bike options with both fixed quick release stabilisers or swinging wheels. We want people with short stature to be able to ride with their friends and family and we feel passionate about supporting this community to achieve their riding goals.

I live with MS. Can I ride a bike?
Everyone is different and we always take that into consideration, but we do have a range of 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled options for MS customers who have balance, fatigue and heat-regulation requirements. We work with your therapist to determine what is the best for you, and believe our vast range will help you find something which is perfect for your individual needs. Call our shop 0409 126669 and arrange a trial preferably with your allied health therapist and we can help you start on your journey to riding again or riding for the first time.
I like to travel in a motor home but all the ebikes I see are too heavy. Can you help?
Yes, we specialise in lightweight folding ebikes for travellers in motorhomes, campervans and those who need to carry their bike inside their car. Our range starts at only 16kg without the battery and we have both bi-fold and our smallest footprint tri-fold models which are perfect for car boots, for passenger seat foot-well or for carrying inside your van or motorhome. Some even come with covers. Our preferred models have been ridden throughout Australia and completed many circuits of the country with our customers and we have lots of options to keep people riding even in challenging conditions, with upgrades for tyres, tubes, sealant, bags, spares etc. We have experience working with mechanics in remote locations if you happen to have a mishap while riding. Our focus is to get solo travellers and those travelling with company on the road and to keep them on the road. Please talk to us about our recommendations based on your space, lifting capacity, budget and riding preferences. We know what we are talking about!

I want to ride around my retirement village, what do you recommend?
We have older customers who live in complexes design for over 50s living. Sometimes known as "welderly" (well elderly) or "active seniors", we have customers who can ride bikes, electric bikes, stabilised ebikes and trikes. We know that the complex may have slopes or be longer than your preferred walking distance, so let us find you a solution where you don't need to use your car to visit your friends, neighbours, the recreation club or attend events onsite. We have so many solutions, we are happy to come to you. Call us on 0409 126669 and we may even be able to bring morning tea with us! Older adults, active seniors, retirees can love to ride as well. And we have all the adult options possible no matter the position you are on the riding journey. We can help.
I am worried about my balance. Do I have to ride a tricycle?
We have 2-wheeled bikes, 3-wheeled trikes and stabilised 2-wheeled bikes. We even have passenger bikes and trikes where someone else can manage the balance for you! Our range is significant and we work with you to find what suits you best. It may not be a tricycle but that is one of the most popular choices. Many of those with poor balance absolutely love riding our semi-recumbent or sit-down tricycle, the best-selling Trident.
Can you help with custom builds?
With custom builds, we have a resident Electrical Engineer which helps greatly. Richard is renowned for being innovative in design and implementation and his 30 years as professional engineer differentiates us from most bike stores.
How do I manage my battery?
We can help. We recommend you refer to any manufacturer's guides as well as our advice. Our experience includes taking into consideration the number of charge cycles, depending on the battery capacity (approx 500 cycles).

Lithium-ion batteries lifespan is dependent on management of the charging. As Li-ion batteries have no memory effect, the best use of one charge cycle is to bring it back up to full when down to around 20%. Do not cut yourself short though if you are planning a longer ride! A partial charge of 20 to 100% is more efficient than charging each day or when you still have significant battery storage available.

Always treat your battery with care. Just like your mobile phone, your battery contains sensitive electronics and lithium ion batteries should be treated gently. If your battery gets wet, please remove it and ensure it dries out fully before using. Always remember to keep the silicon cover on the charge port closed when not charging the battery and use common sense to keep your bike in good working order. You must take care with your Li-ion battery - do not get it wet, overly dusty or muddy. Do not use if it has got wet and take due care and attention else you may void your warranty or worse, create a dangerous situation. All Li-ion batteries must be treated with care but our use of reliable and stable good quality batteries is your assurance that you are in good hands. Please always read the care instructions supplied at time of purchase and take responsibility for good management and practices.

If you are planning on not riding for more than a few weeks, we recommend storing your bike with a battery level of around 60-80%. This is the level for batteries we receive in bikes or from our battery supplier. It is optimised for longer term storage. If you leave a battery full or empty for an extended time (over 3 months), your battery may well fail as a consequence of your actions. This is not covered by warranty.

Battery replacement is required when the battery no longer holds a charge or if the battery becomes damaged. Li-ion products do degrade over time and this is widely researched and publicised. It is not always the case but a degradation of 30% in the first year can occur and is considered to be within specification. We have many customers with batteries lasting over 5 years but it is dependent on a wide range of individual factors as well as the battery technology, including gross load, terrain ride style and demand on the motor and variability on draw on the motor.

Warranty terms on batteries are generally shorter than the warranty on bike frames. Please check your warranty terms as they do vary by manufacturer. Some bikes are offered with reduced warranty due to their age.

What is EN 15194?
EN 15194 is the European standard for electric bikes and was adopted in Australia in 2012. Amongst other things EN 15194 allows for a 250W motor and bikes should have independent verification of compliance and import approval from Department of Transport. This standard does not allow a throttle except for a feature allowing 6 km/hr (walking speed). If an e-bike is 250W and has a throttle, the throttle must only be capable of taking the bike to walking speed.
Does the ebike come with a charger?
Yes all of our bikes are supplied with chargers specific to their battery.
Does the battery recharge whilst I ride?
No the battery is recharged using a charger supplied with the bike.
How far does it go on a charge?
Distance per charge depends on which bike and battery package you purchase and in part reflects your riding style and load on the bike. You can expect 50 to 60 km with a 36V 10.4Ah battery.
Are they legal?
All of our electric bikes meet Australian regulations and have 200W motors or 250W motors to EN 15194.
Do you have a better/softer seat?
The seats on our bikes are generally very good but we appreciate that everyone has a different preference when it comes to saddles. You can upgrade any of our standard saddles and we recommend trying different sizes with different materials, such as gel and memory foam, to find a saddle which is right for you.
Do you sell petrol models?
No, we do not supply bikes which are powered by petrol. Please check the regulations in your State as petrol powered bikes are illegal in most locations.
How fast does it go?
All legal ebikes for Australia are limited to a maximum speed of 25km/hr where the motor ceases to provide assistance beyond this speed. You can however pedal or coast downhill beyond this speed without motor assistance.
I have seen ebikes at bargain prices are they legal?
Yes they may be legal but price is a good indication of quality and service. Check spare parts availability, lithium-ion battery quality and provenance, bike should have gears, be rated to a maximum power output of 250W (500W in NSW only) or have EN 15194 compliance certification. We find that customers prefer to buy from a retailer who stocks spare parts and accessories for their e-bike including replacement batteries, chargers, controllers etc. We also find many of our customers return their bikes for servicing with us or our partners for peace of mind for the ongoing maintenance of their bike.

Initial purchase price is only the start of the journey. If you do decide to purchase a second-hand bike, please ask for a battery health report before committing.

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