We have an amazing, growing community of enthusiastic riders of all ages and all abilities.

2-wheeled independent riders, riders who require some support and riders who prefer to be passengers. We cater for all!

Many of our customers do not identify as cyclists per se, but as people who ride bikes or trikes.

We have customers who are active seniors, who live with a disability. We have many customers who are 2-wheeled bike riders who want to ride rail trails, to go on adventures, to find bike paths with breweries, cheese shops, cafes and a bit of scenery on the way. We like to have fun, we encourage all our riders to try to be more active but in a way which is enjoyable. We support a freedom, independence and fun way to remain connected.

Connect to your past, to your present, to your future, regardless of the stage in the bike riding journey now. We are the only bike company that includes cross-frame 2-wheeled bikes, step-throughs, stabilised bikes, folding bikes, upright trikes, sit-down trikes, assisted trikes, passenger bikes and trikes.

We are not your average bike shop. We need your support to keep offering the range we offer. We have the best range of options from age 4 to age 104.  Support us to enable us to continue to make a difference, whether you are riding a cool, trekking Kalkhoff or a Huka Orthros side-by-side. We are there for you.

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