About Us

Why shop with us?

We help people of all ages and all abilities share the joy of bike riding. And we love riding too!

 enjoying a ride on the electric bikes

We are a small, family-owned business. We love going riding for the joy of it and just to be outdoors. Electric assistance just removes all those things many hate about riding - hills! Assistance can smooth those hills to entice even reluctant riders back in the saddle and we do it without lycra and with good, old-fashioned service. 

Our passion is to make it easier for everybody to be assisted and we stock a wide range of options for people with balance issues or living with disabilities. We aim to be inclusive and to offer as many choices as possible to get you on the road, the bike path or trail without having to spend a fortune.

Electric bikes come in many styles and sizes. We aim to provide something for every body - no matter your shape or size, confidence or skill level.

This is our bread and butter - we don't do anything else. Just electric bikes and trikes. Our range spans folding bikes for travelling and commuting, step-through and flat bar rides for around town or along the coast and three-wheelers to transport you, your shopping, your pets or just you.

We have a range which is with you for the lifetime of your riding journey, so you can "ride your whole life"!

We hope you will support us, a local Australian business focussed on improving the well-being of our customers, staff and ourselves.

But don't believe our word for us, please read some of the comments made by customers who have made the commitment to bring riding back into their lives: us, 

Merle, VIC

I can honestly say that this trike has changed my own self-concept (i.e. my identity in my own eyes), when I ride this trike, I simply no longer feel disabled and isolated. I feel empowered and enabled to engage in the activities and environments that I previously enjoyed. This trike has certainly transformed my future into one which is very positive and filled with exciting possibilities.

 Merle on trike

Roger also offers insight into how he missed riding greatly following an accident, but by pivoting to consider alternative formats, riding once more become a daily reality - 

"Bike riding has always been something our family did together and was social also, riding twice weekly in a small group around our area. However, my balance was compromised so there was no way I was allowed on a bike again by wife!!

Enter the e-trike from everyBody eBikes. When I discovered this could be possible it opened a new door that to me represented adventure, social connection and of course exercise."

Roger smiling while riding Electric trike at beach

What can everyBody Electric Bikes do for you?

Get on your bike - We can help you start out on the journey to learning and loving to ride. Whether this is for a young person or someone who has not ever been given the opportunity to ride. We can show you options to get you started.

Stay on your bike - if you have previously ridden a bike but you are finding it more difficult to keep up with friends or to stay upright when getting on or off, we can help. We know that throughout our life the type of bike we ride may change.

  • Whether you need the pedal assistance now when previously those hills were not a challenge, we can keep you riding.
  • If you are losing confidence about staying upright, we have a great range of trikes and we are sure to find the right one for you. 
  • If you just need a change in crank to suit your knees, hips or ankles, we can offer options on your existing bike or offer options in our new range.

Get back on your bike - we can offer custom solutions, modifications or format changes so you can easily get back to doing something which brings you great joy - riding a bike! We don't care what format you need, we just want to help you continue to ride throughout your lifetime. EveryBody eBikes is the only shop which caters for riders from ages 4 to 104 and everything in between!

Andrea and Richard Herklots,

Proud owners of our awarded and highly respected Brisbane-based small business EveryBody eBikes

What is an ebike?

For those who are new to electric mobility, an ebike is a manual bicycle with an electric motor which can assist when you are pedalling. This is known as pedalec and is a legal requirement in Australia. The assistance level can be selected by the rider and adjusted for the slope. The more power you use, the easier the hills will feel.

In Australia, ebikes must be restricted to 250W power for legal use on roads. Our bikes are typically powered by a 200W or 250W motor to tackle most terrain and fueled by a 36V 10.4Ah battery, so most people can ride for over 50km between charges.

Formerly known as Blind Freddy Electric Bikes

It was definitely an unusual name!

The name was a carry-over from the previous owner's venetian blind cleaning business! He started building electric bikes on the side and soon it became a passion which took over his other work activities, but the name remained.

Although the name predates selling bikes, it has grown on us and our customers and is now synonymous with open, honest and helpful advice and a good range of good quality bikes at a reasonable price. We changed the name in 2022 following the devastating flood event, to better represent who we really are - a supplier of quality electric bikes and trikes to EVERY BODY - regardless of age, ability, budget, experience and confidence.