Electric bikes

Electric bikes

At EveryBody eBikes, our motivation is to find an electric bike or trike to suit everybody.

Our range is dynamic and responsive to customer needs and we love seeing more and more people adopting ebikes and electric travel into their lifestyle. Inspired by European design, our extensive range of electric bikes has an option for anyone to enjoy.

We have unique brands of electric bikes which are available both online and in store in Brisbane.  We import a wide range of ebike and etrike frame shapes and sell the beautiful Kalkhoff, Trek Electra and BF brands and the amazing cargo bikes from Benno, Tribe Bikes and Tern.

Our Folding Electric Bikes are perfect for those looking for a light-weight, space-saving option, ready to be taken anywhere.

The Commuter Electric Bikes are the perfect option for those longer rides where you may need more gears, a mid-drive motor and hydraulic discs or additional comfort and some options for adding some extra storage.

Our Step Through Electric Bikes just make life easier with their low bar design making getting on and off as simple as stepping through as opposed to having to swing your leg across and over.

Our Special Needs Bikes for Disability include bikes, trikes and semi-recumbents. We have an amazing range and specialise in customising bikes to suit the individual. There is so much we can do to help those with mobility issues get out and about on a bike, whether independently, riding with someone else or having an attendant alongside. Just ask us how or check out our range!

Electric bikes

Electric Bikes FAQ

What is the fastest speed of one of your electric bikes?

All the bikes we sell are compliant with the Australian standard EN15194. The standard is well documented on the internet and you should always refer to a credible source for the current legislation and regulations across the country, in your State and in your local government area
Basically, our bikes have motors which do not assist you once your speed exceeds 25 kmph. You can go faster, but this is under your own power and is no longer assisted by the electric motor. My top speed is around 57 kmph going down a big hill with a tail wind!

Do you sell bikes with a throttle where I don't need to pedal?

As stated above, each State is govered by its own laws and each local government can have local laws for particular areas. In Queensland, it is no longer permissible to sell a bike which is powered by a throttle alone. In fact, any bikes we had which had a throttle at the time of the change in legislation, had to have their throttle feature removed before we could sell them. This is not the case in all States and Territories and we refer to your specific restrictions.
In some instances, we can sell a bike fitted with a throttle to someone living in a State or Territory where this is legal but this is on a case by case basis

What is the main difference between an electric bike fitted with a motor in the wheel or a motor in the middle of the frame?

The terms commonly used for these types of electric bikes are hud-drive (wheel based, can be in the front or the rear wheel) and mid-drive (motor is in the middle of the bike and located where the cranks for the pedals join the frame)
To be perfectly frank, the main difference is actually price! Most mid-drives have overall higher quality and more expensive components so the overall cost of the bike is markedly higher than a hub-drive bike. Most people talk about differences in performance and that certainly exists but the main difference people remember is the cost.

Why do some hub-drives have the motors in the rear and some in the front?

Usually hub-drives are in the rear on bikes which have an external rear derailleur for changing gears and on the front on bikes which use Shimano Nexus internal gearing. This is because the gear system for internal, low-maintenance gearing uses the rear hub so it is not possible to have the motor in that position.

How do I tell which type of electric bike is the right one for me?

Depending on your reason for wanting an electric bike, it is not always the case that a mid-drive is better for you. It comes down to your riding style, where you plan to ride and with whom, any restrictions you may have to your mobility, your budget and your goals
If you have been a regular rider in the past and want the bike to feel more natural, then a mid-drive is far more likely to feel right for you just with the added boost of the motor power added to your own traditional riding style and energy levels.
If you want or need the bike to do more of the work for you, regardless of the frequency of pedalling and the force of your pedalling, then a hub-drive is more likely to suit your needs

Which brands do you stock?

We have our own brand, BFeBikes, which we import directly from the manufacturers. We can control the design, the specifications and the features on each electric bike, folding electric bike or electric tricycle we import directly and align these to the requests made by our customers past, present and future.
We also stock bikes imported by Lekker, a Dutch-Australia initiative and XDS, a world renowned e-bike company. We also specialise in trikes for people living with disabilities and these are often manufactured by Rehatri and Mission Cycles, among others.

Will you price match other stores or online prices?

At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes, we aim to set our prices fairly and to represent the levels of pre- and post-sales service we can offer our customers, both locally and via phone or email throughout the country. We are renowned for offering honest, down-to-earth advice on a wide range of topics and to be able to work with our customers to find solutions to fit everybody. That commitment to our customers does come at a cost and we offset that time against our prices across the board. That way, when you want someone to discuss your issues or needs, we try to be there for you. As a result, price matching to those who offer less interactive service or no service at all is not appropriate and is a sure-fire way to make small family-owned businesses go out of business. If this doesn't suit, we are sorry we can't help, but please remember to be kind. We are doing our best.

Why should we buy an electric bike from your store or from your website?

We try to offer appropriate, timely and realistic advice to our customers during their decision making process, at the time of sale and as part of their support package once a purchase has been made. We want our customers to stay with us for the long haul - it isn't about high pressure sales and quotas, it is about finding the right fit for you or pointing you to someone else if we can't help you out. You won't find lycra in our store, just good old-fashioned customer service. If that sounds like the way you want to interact, that alone is a reason to buy from us. If that doesn't really matter to you, our range, our prices and our experience usually helps people make the right choice.

Are the keys important for ebikes/trikes?

Keys are supplied with bikes and trikes with electric motors. The keys on most bikes are used exclusively to secure and remove the battery. Without the key, it is not possible to remove the battery (handy to reduce battery theft) and this means it is very important to keep the key safe in case you have troubles with the battery in the future. We recommend you cable tie at least one key to your charger. Otherwise, the lock will need to be drilled to remove the battery. We do not retain spare keys.

Can you provide me more information about your custom builds please?

We offer a range of custom build options for our clients. Most custom builds start around low $1000s and go up from there depending on the configuration and specification. Please call us directly to find out more.

How do I push my bike and stop the motor from starting?

Always turn off the motor before moving your bike as a slight rotation of the pedals may trigger the pedal activation sensor to think you are riding. Better to be safe and turn off the controller at the display before pushing your bike.

What is PAS?

PAS is Power Assistance System - the level of power you request from the electric bike. It is used together with the mechanical gearing on the bike. It can also refer to Pedal Activation System on hub-based electric bikes, which detects whether the pedals are rotating to trigger engagement of the motor.

What is a hub-drive electric bike?

A hub-drive electric bike has the motor located in the wheel.

What is a mid-drive electric bike?

A mid-drive electric bike has the motor located in the centre of the frame close to the pedal cranks

Why are some motors in the rear wheel and some in the front wheel on hub-drive electric bikes?

One of the main reasons why electric bikes or electric tricycles have the motor in the front wheel relates the the mechanical gearing on the bike. If the low-maintenance Shimano Nexus internal gearing is installed, it utilises the rear wheel. This means the rear wheel cannot also host the motor for the electrics.

How fast does the motor allow you to go?

The top speed with motor assisting the rider is 25 km/hr, as per the Australian standard for electric bikes and electric tricycles. The Standard which limits the speed is EN15194.

Can I modify my electric bike to assist me going faster than 25 km/hr?

We are unable to assist with any modifications to bypass the Australian standards and strongly recommend that you retain your bike as imported to be compliant with the law. Please note that any modifications will void warranties.