Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Cargo Bikes

Which electric cargo bike is best for you?

Benno, Tribe Bikes and Tern - take your pick!

Electric cargo bikes come in 2 configurations. Front-box cargo bikes (or bakfiets), suspend cargo between the rider and the front wheel. Long-tail or short-tail bikes extend the rear end of the bicycle to accommodate more cargo or riders.

Both cargo bike shapes have pros and cons. If you opt for a front-loader, you will need a garage or storage space to stow the bike when not in use. They take practice to ride at lower speeds and you need to anticipate your manoeuvres in advance! If you choose a long or short-tail bike, you have the weight suspended higher up and this can be tricky for smaller riders or if you are riding with wiggly kids!

At EveryBody eBikes, we have a wonderful collection of both types of electric cargo bikes so you can find the perfect fit for your transportation needs. You can also visit our storefront in Brisbane for a test ride before purchase.

Join countless others in the joys of sustainable transportation.

Make riding a sustainable form of transport - ditch the 2nd car and take the kids to school in style, head to the markets or tackle the crowds when riding along the coast or into the city.

We stock the fabulously priced Tribe Bikes box bike and versatile and easy to ride Tern long-tail GSD and short-tail HSD cargo ebikes and are continually expanding our range.

Visit our ebike shop in Brisbane for a free test ride

We want you to be completely confident with your purchase ahead of time, which is why we offer free test rides across all of our electric cargo bikes and their accessories prior to purchase.

Ongoing support and ebike servicing

We service all electric cargo bikes makes and brands and have a fantastic workshop in Brisbane’s northside to enable easy access for front box and long-tail cargo bikes. Regardless of the brand, we can service your cargo ebike. Just call us to book in! Our mechanics know and understand cargo bikes and we have the space to manage their size.

Electric Cargo Bikes