Disability and Special Needs (NDIS)

Disability and Special Needs (NDIS)

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EveryBody eBikes offer an extensive range of options for people living with disability or mobility issues and are registered NDIS providers. We offer electric bicycles with additional stabilisers, electric tricycles and mechanical trikes with customisable fittings and accessories. We work with individuals, carers and allied health teams to test available options, to offer choice and to capitalise on strengths. We appreciate the importance of having options and identifying safe, sustainable solutions. 

We offer onsite trials. We usually estimate one hour for these trials. If an offsite trial is requested, we charge a trial fee based on where the trial is held (distance from shop). We are happy to discuss which option best suits your circumstances.  We can also offer training and custom skills development upon request. This is a fee-paying service.

We are not health professionals but invite you and your allied health team to assess our range in store.  Some models can be fitted with special needs pedals, with low-speed motors and with remote disable switches to offer a level of safety not always available.

The customisable configurations can go towards assisting the rider actively manage weaknesses including limited leg rotation (step pedal motion or adjustable crank radius), back weakness (backrest seats), leg or ankle weakness (special needs or self-levelling pedals), pelvic support through the use of belts and endurance issues through the use of the electric motor.

Our Selection includes Off the Shelf and Individual Customised/Modified Solutions:
  • Rehatri  Special Needs Tricycles - come available as foot cycle or hand cycle some with rear steering and are available in 3 size options catering for a range of special needs
  • BF i-Tri Electric Tricycles- customers who appreciate quality and true benefits will love this model with either 24" or 20" wheels
  • BF Trident Electric Semi-Recumbent Tricycles - available with long, curved handlebars or high-rise handlebars and in hub-drive or mid-drive cadence or mid-drive torque-based options
  • Huka Orthros and Cortes electric tricycles for 1 or 2 riders
  • Bodycycles Edge tricycles - available in all 4 sizes and with a range of different accessories and modifications
  • BF ezi-Step 2+2 is a step-through folding electric bike available as the 2+2 including adult training wheels
  • Gomier Tricycles - are available in 20”, 24” and 26” wheels. With or without electric assistance
  • Electric hand-cycles - with semi-recumbent frame design
  • Industrial Tricycles - heavy duty 24" wheels able to carry up to 180kg
  • We also have a range of options available through our custom build service for specially tailored solutions flexible for you disability or needs

To learn more about our NDIS ebike quality safeguards & feedback policies, please click here

Disability and Special Needs (NDIS)