Enhancing Mobility: Choosing the Right Electric Trike for Older Adults

Choosing the Right Electric Trike for Older Adults

Portability and Transport 

When it comes to electric trikes, portability and transport are key considerations. While folding tricycles may seem convenient, they often compromise on key factors like balance support, comfort, and cost. At EveryBody eBikes, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction, which is why we carefully assess your needs and recommend suitable transportation options, whether it's fitting the trike into an SUV or station wagon, using a tow-bar carrier, or exploring other alternatives like hitch tow-bars. Additionally, we offer innovative solutions like the trike+bike option for riding companions who want to enjoy the journey together. With our expertise, getting out and about has never been easier for older adults! 

Load Rating 

Another thing to consider is how much you weigh. If you are very light, sometimes a bulky trike will feel too heavy for you to manage. You may be better off riding a stabilised electric bike which behaves just like a trike but is smaller and far lighter (and has the bonus of being able to be folded and carried in a standard car). If you are over 100kg though (and many of our customers would identify as being heavy), this is something also to consider as some trikes are better than others at carrying heavier riders. We have trikes with reinforced frames like the Huka Cortes +(link to product) model and even have trikes designed for riders over 200kg.  

Tracy on her Worksman PAV

Choosing a trike is also a time for an honest conversation if you are worried about your weight and how the trike will handle you. We are very aware of the pros and cons of the different model and we can discuss this with you discretely. We are called EveryBODY eBIkes for a reason! 

Experience and Support 

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support even after your purchase. We understand the unique needs of older adults and seniors, and we're dedicated to assisting you throughout your riding journey. Whether you prioritise comfort, balance support, or any other criteria, we're here to help. Don't wait any longer—every day without an electric trike is a missed opportunity! 

EveryBody eBikes – the electric trike specialist for older riders and seniors. 

And remember, we're passionate about riding trikes ourselves!