Empowering Older Adults & Seniors: Finding the Perfect Electric Trike

Electric Trikes for Older Adults 

Electric trikes for Seniors

older lady riding trike

Huka Cortes with full seat suspension for the ultimate comfort ride

No matter your age, riding history, or confidence level, EveryBody eBikes is here to match you with the perfect electric tricycle for older adults. We specialise in sourcing electric trikes specifically tailored for older riders and senior riders, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of riding safely and confidently. 

Cost Considerations 

When it comes to cost, EveryBody eBikes offers a range of options to suit different budgets. However, we prioritise quality over affordability because we understand that the components and assembly of a trike are critical for your safety and enjoyment. 

We never compromise on quality, using only high-quality battery cells from reputable brands like Samsung, Panasonic, or LG. While cheaper options may seem tempting upfront, they often come with hidden costs in servicing, repairs, and safety concerns. Investing in a trike from a specialist supplier like us ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability. 

Our trikes range from $3500 to $25000 (at the time of writing), catering to various budgets and preferences of electric trikes for older adults and seniors.

Currently, our lowest priced electric trike is the BF Trojan.

BF Trojan | Electric Tricycle for Seniors and Older Adults – EveryBody eBikes

If luxury is your preference, how about the European styled Huka Cortes with full seat suspension?

Huka Cortes Electric Tricycle – EveryBody eBikes

With our extensive experience and dedicated trike mechanic team, we guarantee top-notch service to keep your trike in optimal condition and keep you riding. We know that budget is always a consideration for our senior riders, but we will keep you riding longer and spread over the years, that significantly reduces the overall cost!

Convenience and Support 

Worried about servicing your electric trike for older adults? Don't be! We offer a pickup and delivery service in SEQ and other locations (fees apply), ensuring hassle-free maintenance and support. 

Don't delay - every day without an electric trike for older adults is a missed opportunity! Reach out to us today to start your riding journey and experience the joy of being out on the road, now and as you age.