Why Balance Support is important when choosing the perfect Electric Trike for Older Adults

Balance Support for Older Adults

The elephant in the room is always balance! Not all electric trikes are created equally. You have to consider the design as well as quality and the power and what that means for handling the trike.  

What do we mean by that? Well, an upright electric trike can be far easier for a smaller person to ride than a very tall person. This is because an upright electric trike needs the saddle to be raised for taller riders to be able to pedal with ease. 

The higher you are seated, the more the rider will feel the camber change. Some can handle this, but others find it disconcerting. With our older adults, we need to find out which type of rider you are. Can you ride the upright design, or do you need a greater level of balance support and comfort? 

For those who just don’t enjoy riding an upright trike, we offer our senior riders the opportunity to ride the semi-recumbent electric trike. This comes as standard with a full seat rather than a saddle, and the taller you are, the longer the seated position rather than the higher. Taller riders benefit from the same lower centre of gravity as their shorter counterparts, and all senior riders can appreciate the comfort and security of balance that this model offers. The Huka Cortes is perfect for taller riders and has a hybrid fitting which is between a sit-down semi-recumbent and a fully upright trike:

Huka Cortes Electric Tricycle – EveryBody eBikes 

Yes, it is more expensive, but what price do you place on feeling safe, secure, and comfortable while thoroughly enjoying the ride? Did you know that our Trident model, including the Trident FT, is our best-selling electric trike and perfect for balance support.

Trident FT Fat-Tyre Semi-Recumbent Electric Tricycle – EveryBody eBikes

Finding the right balance support is crucial when selecting an electric trike for older adults. Like humans, not all electric trikes are the same. Check out our Basic Guide to Choosing the Perfect Electric Trike for Older Adults now!

smiling man on electric trike

Roger on his Trident semi-recumbent (sit-down) Electric Tricycle