Reliance on Support Person

Reliance on Support Person

Using a piloted ebike can be an ideal way to share the experience of riding when you are reliant on the support of an attendant to complete daily tasks.

Individuals who are not safe to ride independently for any number of reasons, can share the joy of riding either through active participation in the exercise or through passive movement. Studies have shown that people living with significant impairments which restrict their ability to pedal or steer can still benefit greatly from riding with support.

We have a range of options available:

  • Riding independently but with an attendant supervising
    • remote control power management
    • remote control brakes
    • low-speed settings
    • walking throttle
  • Riding with an attendant controlling operation
    • Rear steering/braking/motor control
    • Side steering/braking/motor control
    • Use of Therapy mode
  • Riding with a pilot
    • Linear tandem
    • Tagalong tandem trailer
    • Side by side

Features: ebike, pedelec, electric pedal assistance, walking mode, walking throttle, side steer, rear steer, therapy mode

Our difference: customisation, innovative developments, choice and control