Mobility Impairment

Using a bike when your mobility is impaired can make the difference between being able to get out into your community and not. Especially in our climate, walking slowly in the heat of the day can be uncomfortable, risky and restrictive. Being on a bike makes it easier to get from A to B more quickly, safely and comfortably.

Typical symptoms

  • Tiredness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inability to regulate heat
  • Restricted movement

Many of these symptoms can be actively managed by reducing the time you are moving or providing the necessary supports while moving which reduce risk, effort and discomfort.

Benefits of riding an ebike to assist with mobility impairment:

  1. Less stress on joints
  2. Ability to travel further, longer and faster with less effort
  3. Rider-controlled access to pedal assistance to manage when you need support and how much power is necessary
  4. Making a trip a viable option when walking is not possible

But mobility impairment is not just about swapping walking for riding a bike. There are many causes of the impairment and at EveryBody eBikes we know that one size does not fit all. You may require a bike which is customised to suit your needs, strengthened to suit the load of rider and shopping, for instance, or fitted with devices which reduces the impact of your individual impairment.

We also appreciate that some impairment is temporary and through active exercise, rehabilitation or passive movement, the extent of your impairment can change. We have strategies to assist and allow for progressive improvement in mobility over time. Just ask us how.

Case studies:

ebikes to assist with mobility impairment

Regardless of cause, impairments can be mitigated in part through the use of the electric motor. Given our regulations, this has to satisfy both Federal and State legislation, but we hope to be able to find something to make things easier.

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