Muscles Spasms & Stiffness

Muscles Spasms & Stiffness

Having your body behave in unexpected or unplanned ways can impact confidence and safety. We work with the individual to understand what may trigger such change and what options exist which can be fitted to the ebike or trike to make it safer.

We also offer guidance on how this change could be managed when riding, through suggested actions to manage riding technique and use of modifications. Due to the irregular nature of this symptom, it is always important to work closely with your allied health team to help manage risk when riding.

man siting in tricycle while next two another yellow tricycle

Trident FT electric semi-recumbent support seating

We have found semi-recumbents to offer a level of security for those concerned with what may happen when their body goes into spasm. The full backrest seat optionally fitted with straps or lateral supports appears a popular model to give the rider and their family comfort that their condition is being managed. We also can change handlebars, offer cuffs to keep hands in place and a wide range of foot retention options in addition to standard pedals.

Features: semi-recumbent, straps, modified pedals, lateral supports

Our difference: customisation, foot retention, handlebar modifications, training/skills development