What are the benefits of a belt driven bike?

Tired of having to clean the muck off your chain after a rainy ride, getting grease on your chinos, or having to lubricate your squeaky drivetrain every few weeks? 

 Wouldn’t you prefer to ride many thousands of kilometres in silence and save money too?


Belt drives are capable of running for over 30,000km with only minor cleaning and tensioning (all done during a standard service) and enable riders to explore further, whether along the ocean or through muddy trails. There’s also no need to carry an extra chain or worry about your derailleur getting bent on those longer, more action-packed trips. Best of all, they look AWESOME! Spark up conversations with fellow riders, or just kick back and admire the aesthetic after a long ride.


At everyBody eBikes we offer a wide range of belt-driven bikes off the shelf as well as bikes that can be upgraded to a belt. Our customers are currently able to come in a test ride a BF Roma and a Kalkhoff 7.B Image Excite+ with belt drives!


Justifying an upgrade has never been easier, as the initial extra cost is far outweighed by its longer lifespan and lower maintenance.


Some options we currently have on the floor;

BF Roma                                                                                                                        $3,500



Tern HSD S+                                                                                                                $9,195



Kalkhoff Image Excite+ 7.B                                                                               $8,150



Kalkhoff Image Move+ 5.B                                                                                 $5,950       



Kalkhoff Image Move+ 3.B                                                                                 $4,680