100% Fully assembled and tested

We like to be different. In fact, we embrace difference! One of the key ways we can make a difference while being “different” is to make sure all bikes, trikes and special needs trikes are fully assembled, tested and ridden before they are supplied to the end user.

We can check the performance of the bike with and without modifications is consistent with the expectations for our riders before they themselves sit on the bike.

We have found this testing process is essential to confirm modifications such as low-speed settings, remote power cut-out assemblies and remote brakes are working as designed.

Mum and son smiling at eachother on a ebike

For bikes which have not been modified too much, this standard of pre-delivery testing also helps with checking of gear function, electric function and of course braking. Any subtle differences are picked up early so you, the rider, has the confidence that your bike will be supplied exactly as intended.

And even if we ship the bike to you in a carton because you live away from our locations, we still do the same checks before packaging the bike for sending on its way.

Quality standards, checks and balances and a fundamental aim to provide satisfaction to our customers is utmost in our processes from start to finish.

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