Stability/Balance Support

Stability/Balance Support

Many conditions can affect balance issues in individuals. This can happen for many reasons and at different life stages. Whatever the cause, losing a key functional ability at any stage in life comes as a shock. It can affect how you complete everyday tasks and how you are able to participate actively in the community. Losing that ability can be devastating.

We offer a range of supports which can offer help. This may be through the use of stabilisers on either side of a two-wheeled ebike fitted with a unique quick release mechanism for transportability and stowage or a full electric tricycle or semi-recumbent.

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We can fit standard saddles with backrest and lateral supports or offer tricycles which use a seat rather than a saddle. Customisation can include fitting straps or harnesses to provide improved comfort and safety. We can fit walking aid holders so you can carry your stick or crutch with you. We can install other modifications to make it easier to mount/dismount safely and for you to carry your personal possessions.

We realise everyone is different and the level of balance support is based on individual needs and circumstances. We work with you to find what feels right, what offers the appropriate support and what works with your family situation. Not everyone has the space or means to transport a full-sized electric tricycle so we try to offer versatile alternatives.

Features: backrest, saddles, seats, stabilisers, electric tricycle, semi-recumbent, crutch holder

Our difference: customisation, quick release stabilisers, backrest and lateral support