Special Needs Bikes & Trikes Australia

Special Needs Bikes & Trikes Australia

With the advent of the NDIS, many people are now more aware than ever and appreciative of just how many people in our community live every day with special needs. Along with that, we definitely appreciate that one size does not fit all! We aim to customise and modify to suit the individual and build upon tried and tested technology to find real solutions.

Our Process

Understanding assistive technology (AT) and the NDIS

The NDIS funding participants receive differs for everyone and is determined by how disability affects the individual and what supports are needed to reach the individual’s goals. For many NDIS participants, assistive technology (AT) is required to help complete day-to-day activities, such as travelling around within the community. Funding for AT is allocated within your capital supports NDIS budget and can be accessed to purchase equipment required to help achieve your goals and enjoy a fulfilling life such as an ebike, an electric tricycle or a special needs tricycle.

Kasey on her electric tricycle heading out into the community

The range of bike and trike AT is extensive and what suits your needs is usually determined in association with your OT or Physio. We can help the process by highlighting any new options, range or modifications which may make the AT more appropriate, suited and safe for you, the rider.

We appreciate that special needs are just that – special! Where the word special means “better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.”

And we work with you to find out what will help you best. Just ask us about the options, check out the range of products on our website and we can help you with the rest.

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