Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

At EveryBody eBikes, we have many customers who want to ride following knee, hip or ankle surgery. Total replacement surgery is increasingly common among the active senior sector, with some outcomes more successful than others.  

As pain relief and associated improvement in quality of life are by far the most significant triggers to undertake joint replacement surgery, the motivation to actively rehabilitate following the surgery can impact likelihood of return to independence and favoured activities. Bike riding is one of those activities that can progressively support the rider through their rehabilitation.

Typical symptoms:

We can help! So many customers come to us thinking it would be an unfulfilled dream to be able to ride again. They pop in to look and think, maybe? But more often than not we are able to get them onto a bike and testing the rotation of the pedals.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve and can offer recommendations for customising the bike to suit the current stage of rehabilitation but also future scenarios where the rider is stronger, more flexible and more stable.

Case studies:

C.M. "I am loving the bike and have now done many km on the bike - not all in one go. I am always looking for opportunities to ride it and get stronger. Thanks again for your help with my bike! I almost forgot to tell you - it now has a name. It’s called Tigger Cyclin. I have named it after an intravenous antibiotic we use at work. The antibiotic is bright orange, comes in a small size and very potent! The staff at work cracked up laughing when I told them and told me that it was a very clever name!" 

Bikes to Ride:

BF Rehatri semi-recumbent black BF i-Tri Euro red trike in front of brick wall BF Roma red bike at the park
BF Rehatri semi-recumbent BF i-Tri Euro BF Roma
Ease of transfer Supportive seat Forward pedalling action Balance support Super-low step-through Low step-through Mid-drive Upright ride position

Talk to us! 
We can make recommendations, have many customer experiences to draw upon and can hopefully find a solution to enable you to ride through and after your rehabilitation.

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