Heavy Riders

Heavy Riders

Getting into riding for the first time or returning to cycling after a long break can be daunting. Never more so than if you have added extra kilos since you last sat on a saddle.

For some of us though, it can provide us with the means to regain fitness even if losing kilos is not our primary goal. Bike riding can be for everybody and riding can certainly help improve your overall health and fitness levels. Cycling has also been shown to improve mental as well as physical well-being.

Common symptoms of being overweight, obese or living with endocrine conditions include:

But we know there are barriers to riding when you aren't suited to a full kit out in lycra! Starting an exercise regime can be difficult and uncomfortable. It can also make you hungry! How bizarre is that?!

Often if you have not exercised regularly for a long time, it is challenging to achieve consistency and to integrate riding into your daily life. You also need to take care not to injure yourself as you commence your journey to using a bike. Of course, another barrier is finding the right bike to suit your body-type and overcoming the perceived stigma associated with elitist riders who expect everyone on a bike to conform to the ideal body shape.

Let's break down those barriers for those who are over-weight, obese or living with endochrine conditions and get riding (again).

Sound familiar? Consider just some of the benefit potential of riding a bike or trike:

  • Low impact exercise
  • Easy options for exercise, rehabilitation, transportation
  • Improved cardio-vascular health
  • Potential to burn body fat
  • Improvements in metabolic rate

Case Studies

I live with an avid rider. I can't keep up with him when he rides, especially on hills. Now with my step-through ebike I can pace myself to match his speed on his road bike or even crank it up and race him up the hills! We have ridden longer, faster and with more fun than I ever remember experiencing on a standard bike. The pedal assistance means I no longer avoid hills or using my bike for recreational or transport purposes. I rarely drive my car nowadays and enjoy the ride to and from work. I can feel my joints easing with every trip and can challenge myself to maintain higher speeds on regular routes to test myself and continually improve. Love my ebike!

Bikes and trikes for the heavier rider:

BF Roma electric bike at the park black trike red tricycle in front of a brick wall blue tricycle by bush
BF Roma Semi-recumbent             BF i-Tri Euro 24" Worksman PAV
(Up to 120kg)    (up to 120kg) (Up to 160kg) (Up to 270kg)
– Step through
-Upright ride position
– Mid drive motor
– Relaxed ride position
– mid-drive option
– Comfortable seat not saddle
– Low step-over
– Super low step-through
– Powerful 250W motor
– High torque – Excellent carrying capacity
– Super strong steel frame designed for heavy riders
– Retro-fit with ekit
– Comfortable seat
– Options for long version

Fantastic options for heavier riders – just get started and enjoy the ride!

EveryBody eBikes are able to customise a ride to suit your size.

Keen to get moving and want to see how an ebike can help? Contact us now to discuss our extensive range and how we can supply or customise bikes and trikes for you.

Always consult your medical practitioner before commencing a new exercise regime.

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