Riding with missing limbs

Riding with missing limbs

We realise that some people are missing limbs from birth while others are missing limbs following illness or an accident. Whatever the reason, we are happy to discuss options where bike riding may be made possible.

The way your condition affects your ability to ride a bike will obviously relate to which limb(s) are missing, but also your base level of fitness. All the issues which present with those with all their limbs also need to be taken into consideration when trying to identify a solution for an amputee, for instance.

Issues which may present when riding with missing limbs:

  • Difficulty with steering
  • Unable to brake or brake efficiently
  • Balance control
  • Inability to access all controls
  • Difficulty with pedalling or keeping feet in position

At everyBody eBikes, we have worked with customers who use prosthetics to be able to ride and those who prefer to adjust their bike setup to accommodate their missing limbs. We work with you to find a solution and enter into the discussion without preconceived outcomes, but with a wealth of experience to offer some suggestions and start the dialogue.

We can offer solutions which are focussed on the individual riding independently, with assistance or in a piloted manner.

Solutions which can assist manage those challenges:

Independent riding

  • Adjustment to control positions (motor, gears, brakes)
  • Modification to pedal type and setup to accommodate prosthetic legs
  • Changes to handlebar design, position and fitting
  • Use of a SmartBrake bluetooth braking device to assist those without fingers or hands
  • Use of hand-cuffs to assist with hand position and use in steering
Merle riding her BF Rehatri HCC semi-recumbent fitted with a mid-drive motor and SmartBrake system

Merle’s story

“I can honestly say that this trike has changed my own self-concept (i.e. my identity in my own eyes), when I ride this trike, I simply no longer feel disabled and isolated. I feel empowered and enabled to engage in the activities and environments that I previously enjoyed. This trike has certainly transformed my future into one which is very positive and filled with exciting possibilities.”

elderly in a red helmet on electric bike

After losing both lower legs and most of her fingers, avid runner Merle Cornel knew she needed to find a way to be active again. Nine years ago, Merle contracted Group A Streptococcal (GAS), a bacterial infection which, very rarely, can cause serious complications leading to septic shock and in some cases, the amputation of extremities. In Merle’s case, she lost both her lower limbs and most of her fingers but that did not stop her from looking for a bicycle she could steer herself.

At EveryBody eBikes, a solution came in the form of the HCC semi-recumbent electric tricycle, fitted with a SmartBrake and hydraulic braking system, modified controls and handlebar, pedals and other fittings. The outcome is a set of “dream wheels” from EveryBody eBikes, our specialist section catering to people living with mobility issues or a disability.

Merle said it was the only place she could find in Australia that would build her a bike she could ride without experiencing pain.

Supported riding

We offer rear steering and side steering solutions so you don’t have to do all the controls yourself. If you are unable to ride independently, this might be the right solution for you

The rear steer and side-steer options can be fitted to a range of our electric bicycles, with the controls including steering, braking and power levels added to the steering arm.

Piloted riding

Our range includes both in-line tandems and side-by-side tandems, where you ride together with an attendant. If your loss of limb(s) means you no longer feel able to ride without someone else coming along for the ride with you, consider these options:

  • Huka Orthros side-by-side electric tricycle
  • Worksman Duet side-by-side electric tricycle
  • Tandem Trailer Trike tagalong attachment for adults and children, piloted by a standard step-through ebike
  • Electric tandems, including the co-pilot and co-pilot 3 models from Huka and the Apollo electric tandem