Electric bikes and trikes for people with MS

Electric bikes and trikes for people with MS

Many of our customers approach us to find solutions which make living with MS just a little bit easier and more like their previously independent world. By working closely with our customers, many occupational therapists and physiotherapists, we have identified key patterns which prompt individuals to seek assistance through the use of ebikes, trikes or other Assistive Technology (AT).

Primarily contact with us has happened when the common symptoms of MS present and impact daily activities: fatigue, balance and coordination changes, sensitivity to heat and muscle spasms or stiffness.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be challeging, but people with MS who ride regularly and can ride electric bikes or trikes with MS, are often surprised at how riding can improve their quality of life and sense of fun.

Appreciating that no two people are the same and living with MS can be very different for each individual we meet, we have worked with our customers to highlight the key ways in which AT can mitigate those symptoms and provide a means to reduce the risk of simply not being able to get home from a ride.

Taking just some of those common symptoms in turn, here are some of the instances where we have first-hand knowledge of wellbeing improvements from our current customer base and the tips and tricks we explain to make life just a little bit easier for these symptoms.

Research into the benefits of riding while living with MS is very well known. Many riders can keep riding longer on electric bikes as they use the power assistance to help manage fatigue. If your symptoms are affecting your balance, then we offer a wide range of electric tricycles for people with MS which can keep you riding and enjoying the experience for longer again. We are with you every cycle of your journey and we want to enable you to experience the independence, freedom and fun of riding, no matter how your MS presents. Ask us how.

Living with MS is no fun, but riding an electric trike or electric bike with the adaptations you need to be comfortable, secure and stable can be life-changing.

Do you experience other conditions when living with MS? Contact us now and let us know your concerns and we can see how we can assist you. We would appreciate the feedback and through your time and input, can continually improve this document. Thank you.