Cerebral palsy & riding a bike

Cerebral palsy & riding a bike

Two-wheel bike riding can be a goal for children with cerebral palsy (CP) and a means of participating in physical activity. It is possible for some children with CP to ride a two-wheel bike; however, currently far fewer can ride compared with their typically developing peers. The role of training to improve outcomes has been seen to be significant. Finding alternatives to a two-wheel bike for those who do not have access to appropriate training is also important.

At everybody ebikes, we aim to find a solution which is safe, fun and appropriate for all pre-existing and new skills/abilities. Some of our riders are not able to propel themselves independently and certainly not on a two-wheeler. But we combine our skills with ebikes and trikes with custom modifications, and we have been able to help so many riders get out and about.

Typical conditions:

As the Cerebral Palsy Alliance so clearly states, “Remember the first time you rode a bike – the wind in your face, the excitement of being independent, the feeling that you were free! Every child should be able to enjoy that experience.”

Benefits – Top 4 reasons for people with CP to ride a bike:

  1. Desire – children want to do it
  2. Confidence – riding increases independence and skills
  3. Social participation – with your family and peers
  4. Bonding – it is a community activity, whether with parents, grandparents or friends

Safety is paramount. Whether this means the use of a semi-recumbent to provide a seat rather than a saddle, fitted with a chest strap and customised heel cup strap pedals or the supply of a folding electric bicycle fitted with adult stabilisers and a backrest support with lateral pads, we can help. We have designed some unique solutions for side-steering, remote braking and remote-control of the electric motor and regularly fit these to special needs tricycles. We also can customise rear-steering and braking options to enable an attendant to manage hills even with adult riders. So many options for our CP community!

Case studies:

T.H. (BF i-Tri Euro 24”)

O. E.  (link to Ordinary Extraordinary YouTube) (12” Rehatri with ekit)

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