Absconding (ADD/ADHD/ASD)

Absconding (ADD/ADHD/ASD)

Providing someone who may not make the best choices with an opportunity to get outdoors in a safe environment can make the world of difference to you and that person.

Strategies for managing children who wander

Wandering or absconding is a behaviour of concern that some children on the spectrum may engage in; however, the reasons why this behaviour occurs, and when it is likely to happen, can vary significantly.

For a child to find themselves in a frightening or dangerous situation, it is important to understand the triggers, have some strategies in place to mitigate the risks, and to find ways of replacing this concerning behaviour. Providing a safe means to share outdoor experiences using bikes can form part of those strategies.

Bike riding can provide a safe way to share outdoor experiences. We offer a range of supports which can improve the safe operation of the bike by the rider, including remote cut-off of the electric motor by the supervising adult, low-speed settings so the motor can be used to manage fatigue and strength but not to a point that the rider can get away too quickly. We can also offer a remote braking system which is operational to up to 30m from the rider, whether you are riding alongside or walking nearby.

For a rider who is unable to pedal independently, we can also offer tricycles which are steered by an attendant, either from the rear or from the side. These modified special needs tricycles can also be ebikes whereby the attendant uses the motor to assist with pushing and going up hills, especially useful as the rider gets heavier.

Another option is to share the riding using a tandem ebike, either one behind the other or even side by side. This can be a wonderful way to share the riding, especially if the supervising adult manages all the controls from steering to braking to power.

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