5 Reasons to Buy a Folding Electric Bike

5 Reasons to Buy a Folding Electric Bike

lady on a folding e bike looking backwards

Thinking of buying an electric bike that suits your budget and is easy to ride and store? Folding electric bikes are ideal for anyone who’s always on-the-go, and they are great for the planet too!

Whether you’re new to the world of electric bikes or you are simply looking to switch to a more lightweight electric bike that offers high performance, the BF range of folding eBikes will surely check all the boxes on your preference list.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy a folding electric bike –

1. Take with you anywhere

At EveryBody eBikes, we are often approached by people wishing to ride bikes while travelling. Whether on a daily basis to explore areas further afield or for riding while on a bigger trip, having access to an electric bike is a no brainer. Having an electric bike small enough to fit in the car boot or inside the caravan, camper or boat can change your life!

Whether stopping for a picnic at a remote beachside location enroute to another part of the country or popping the bike into the boot to head to the hills, having a reliable and easy to ride folding electric bike is a must. You can see so much more when you ride an eBike and explore the countryside or areas close to home.

2. Take the load off

Many of our customers no longer want to risk lifting hefty bikes onto a bike rack or into the car. So, a lightweight design is key to their decision making. With the i-Ezi range, we offer exceptional performance, a fun ride and one of the smallest footprints on the market, highlighted by its unique tri-fold folding mechanism and ability to remove the battery and seat post to get the weight down to under 15kg! No one wants to get hurt while on holiday. So, a lightweight but reliable solution is key.

And while you are out enjoying the ride, it has such a great effect on your mental wellbeing. Somehow riding a smaller eBike makes you feel so much closer to the outdoors.

3. Ideal for city living – smaller footprint at home or at work

Many of our customers live in the inner city, either as their first home or they have chosen to down-size and enjoy the convenience of the inner-city locations. Certainly, being close to the action is great but often it does mean changing from a larger home to something more compact and often accessible via lifts. That gorgeous full-sized eBike may not be so appealing once you have tried to lug it up and down stairs a few times or squeezed it into a lift.

We know there are a lot of different formats of folding bikes out there and their footprint makes a huge difference to whether they will fit under your desk at work, in your hall, your lift, your garage storage cage or your car boot.

We sell a range of folding eBikes and some of them would certainly suit the inner-city dwellers or those trying to fit the bike into their workplace.

4. Sustainable means of transport

We have seen a significant increase in awareness with our customers over the last 2 years where sustainability is an important part of their decision making. With many considering their carbon footprint and the impact their transport choices have on the overall household carbon levels, converting a 2nd or even only car to a folding eBike is an easier way to become more sustainable. Many of our folding ebikes can fit panniers, baskets or handlebar bags to carry a range of items from personal possessions to a full shop and the suitability of one model over another is greatly influenced by the frequency of use of the bike for sustainable means to live.

5. Saves you money

One of our customers has taken the time to quantify their savings when they converted from a drive into the city for work to the use of a small footprint folding ebike. They considered the tangible cost savings of the fuel and parking on a daily basis, the operational costs for running a vehicle, and the value of their time. They also considered the intangible benefits of riding a small folding ebike, including a reduction in their stress levels, improved mental wellbeing when riding both to and from work and the bonus of being able to use headphones to listen to podcasts while riding.

We won’t confirm the exact savings, but needless to say they were in the order of nearly 10 times less when riding the bike than using the car. In their case, they were even able to tuck the bike under their desk and promote its wider use to business colleagues when they all jealously reviewed the lovely little i-Ezi in the room.

Our folding eBikes start from as low as $995. Explore our full range here or call on 0409 126 669 to book a test ride.