Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles

Electric three-wheelers, including our amazingly versatile semi-recumbents.  

At EveryBody eBikes, we stock a wide range of manual and electric tricycles. Think you can't ride a bike? Think again! 

We also offer a range of accessories to improve the carrying capacity, to make them look gorgeous or simply to keep you safe or comfortable. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there being spread primarily by people who haven't had the opportunity to ride these wonderful 3-wheel machines. With just a small amount of instruction and guidance, and tips and tricks, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful network of trike riders who ride safely and proudly around cities, parks, the countryside and the coast. 

Riding a tricycle is different from a two-wheeler and we recommend you always try before you buy.

We offer onsite trials. 

To know more about how an ebike can change your life, click here! 

Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles / Trikes FAQ

Why is your electric tricycle so popular?

The BF i-Tri Euro and BF Popal trikes have a super-low step-through which is very popular with our customers. Being light-weight and with a great motor and battery combination, the trike is versatile and comfortable to ride and oh so easy to steer.

Do you sell electric and mechanical trikes?

Our purpose-built electric trikes have all their wiring embedded within the frame for safety and convenience. They have very clean lines as a result and are efficient and powerful. We do also convert mechanical trikes to electric but installing the motor in the front hub, adding a battery and controller and display unit. Although not as streamlined, it does mean a mechanical trike can be made more user-friendly with the addition of power
We do not usually sell mechanical trikes, being an ebike shop, but some of our special needs tricycles are available without the addition of electric motor.

How can I carry a trike on my car?

We sell specialist trike carriers which fit onto the tow bar of a standard vehicle. This usually fits using a Hayman Reece (square) tow bar and is designed to carry a range of trikes with different wheel gauges and lengths.

Can I fold my trike and carry inside my car?

We do sell a range of folding tricycles, both mechanical and electric, from the Di Blasi company in Italy. These are amazing devices which are easily carried in the back of a standard boot although they are quite heavy being made from steel. We also sell a folding two-wheeler bike which can be fitted with adult stabilisers to behave and ride as a tricycle. This electric bike is one of our most versatile units and suits riders from under 10 up to over 80! The stabilisers can be removed using a quick release mechanism and then the bike folded and stowed in the boot.

Can I get a comfort saddle with my trike?

Of course! Most of our customers are very particular about their saddle and decide to choose at the time which one suits them best

Can I carry my pet on my tricycle?

We have many customers who ride their trikes with their pets in the rear basket. It is a very generous size and can accommodate up to quite large dogs, for instance. We have other customers who fix a quick release front basket or a permanent carrier to the front of the trike and carry their pets that way, so they can see them more easily. There are many options and we have many passionate pet-parents who ride with their special animals every day.

Can I fit a toddler seat to the BF i-Tri Euro 24"?

We need to review the different toddler seat options to confirm if the geometry, mounting points and safety aspects are compatible.

Is a pet trailer suitable for a BF i-Tri Euro?

Yes, in the current model there is a trailer bar under the basket to which the pet trailer can be attached. Future models may not fix in the same way so always best to check beforehand.