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eBikes for EveryBody

We specialise in finding the right electric bike (or electric trike) for you. Customised, Modified, Adjusted & Tested – no corners are cut.

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Electric bikes (or electric trikes) come in many styles and sizes. We aim to provide something for every body – no matter your shape or size or your intended travel plans.

We specialise in folding eBikes for travelling and commuting, step-through and flat bar rides for around town or along the coast and three-wheelers to transport your shopping, your pets or just you.

We want to make it easier for everybody to be assisted and we also stock a wide range of options for people with balance issues or living with disabilities. We aim to be inclusive and to offer as many choices as possible to get you on the road, the bike path or trail without having to spend a fortune.

We are a small, family owned business. Our passion is about riding and being outdoors, smoothing those hills to entice even reluctant riders back in the saddle and we do it without lycra and with good, old-fashioned service.

Buy local, make a difference.

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