Our passion is to get people riding, all ages, all abilities and all skill levels.

EveryBody eBikes is a very special bike business - offering solutions to those who are unable to buy from a normal bike shop or who choose to support an innovative and empathetic local business.

Realising soon after taking over the business, we wanted to expand our range to help those who are not confident or able to ride on 2-wheels, to ensure they too are able to participate, to have some fun and improve their independence.

We also talk to our older customers about the joy of riding with family or friends, to continue riding as we age and enjoy the amazing benefits of using electric bikes and trikes.

We work with our customers and listen to their needs - not just the riders but also those who ride with them or who are caring for them.

We also consider how our needs change over time and how continuing to ride the same type of bike can become less safe - we have introduced the concept of a riding Journey, throughout our lifetimes.

Our needs and therefore the bikes we ride will change, depending on our health, our confidence, our support needs.

EveryBody eBikes now embodies adaptive riding for inclusivity and we strongly believe that each rider has individual needs. Our specialist team customise, modify and adapt to make the bike or trike fit and suit the individual, whether riding on 3 wheels or 2.

That journey comes with personal understanding of the challenge time and opportunity place on us to change our daily habits. We see e-bikes as a viable alternative to driving and a means to offer independence to those restricted in their movements.

We want to make cycling viable for every BODY, no matter your POSITION along your personal riding journey.

And EveryBody eBikes thrives to become the largest supplier of adaptive ebikes and trikes across Australia.


ebikes for everyBODY is our mission and we encourage people to speak up


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