We thoroughly believe in the role e-bikes can play in sustainable transport, offering freedom and independence in the every day and for the extraordinary. While Richard has been known to ride nearly every day, e-bikes have brought Andrea back to riding again.

That journey comes with personal understanding of the challenge time and opportunity place on us to change our daily habits. We see e-bikes as a viable alternative to driving and a means to offer independence to those restricted in their movements.

We want to make cycling a viable option for every body, no matter your journey.


ebikes for everyBODY is our mission and we encourage people to speak up


Riding after a stroke

Riding after a stroke Primary goals which include access to the community, improved independence and active social participation are key...

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Stability/Balance Support

Stability/Balance Support Many conditions can affect balance in an individual. This can happen for many reasons and at different life...

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73-year young woman proves tricycling is for EveryBody

73-year young woman proves tricycling is for EveryBody  Posted byadminbfebikescomau3rd December 2021Posted inStoriesTags:electric tricycle, electric tricycle brisbane, etrike, semi recumbent tricycle, tricycle, tricycle for elderly In...

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Cycling with Arthritis

Cycling with Arthritis There are many types of arthritis suffered by members of the community and the support we can...

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Living with MD

Living with MD There are many different forms of muscular dystrophy and not all will benefit from bike riding. As...

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Living with MS

Living with MS Photo by Daria Obymaha on Pexels.com Many of our customers approach us to find solutions which make living...

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Riding with missing limbs

Riding with missing limbs We realise that some people are missing limbs from birth while others are missing limbs following...

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Heavy riders

Heavy riders Getting into riding for the first time or returning to cycling after a long break can be daunting....

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Dementia Sharing life with someone living with cognitive impairment Dementia can slowly or quickly take someone who has a full...

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Fitted to you

Fitted to you We are all different shapes and sizes. At EveryBody eBikes, we really do mean EveryBody! Whether young...

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Fatigue management

Fatigue management Using the power of an ebike can assist with managing fatigue. Even if one of your goals is...

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Loss of Confidence

Loss of Confidence If you haven’t ridden a bike for years or have not ridden since an incident in the...

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Goals When assisting participants in identifying a bike or trike for their use, we try where possible to align with...

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Independence Many of us strive to live as independent a life as possible. We appreciate though that for some of...

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Joint replacement

Joint replacement At everybody ebikes, we have many customers who want to ride following knee, hip or ankle surgery. Total...

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