Great news - Australian-designed solution for riders with achondroplasia! A world-first for Australian riders.

Being short-statured has, in the past, made bike riding a real challenge. Some riders are offered children's bikes, some with modifications or have resorted to building their own bikes.

But now, the perfect solution has been announced by EveryBody eBikes - the Lightning SS electric bike. Australian-designed and exclusively offered by the innovative and awarded Brisbane-based family business. 

young man with acondroplasia riding a white lightning electric bike

Jacob riding a white Lightning ebike - the first one in the world!

For the first time in the world, EveryBody eBikes has designed and released an electric bike with a geometry perfect for people living with achondroplasia. The design and features help with getting on and off the bike with a super low step-through and also help manage fatigue.

The Difference We Make

Most riders love ebikes, so we think someone with short-stature should also have all the benefits of pedal-assistance power, with a raft of features to help manage that power to reflect age, abilities, confidence and experience, including adjustable power levels, walk assist to get started, easy-start feature for hills and grass and a wonderful lightweight and compact design which is perfect for transporting in the car. Australian-designed and owned.

Support Local Innovation | Design and Commitment | EveryBody eBikes

We don't wait for others to do the hard work of design and market analysis - we get out there and find the solutions and make them ourselves - 

young man with acondroplasia riding a white lightning electric bike side view

Jacob racing his brothers on his white Lightning ebike

Get active, race your friends, be at the head of the pack and enjoy freedom, independence and fun - the Lightning ebike is the perfect fit for short-statured riders! Buy local, support local innovation!

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