We specialise in providing solutions for older riders. We know that coming back to riding after a long gap, riding a different type of bike after many years of riding on 2-wheels or coming to riding for the first time in your later years can be daunting. But bike riding regularly can be so very good for your mental and physical health.

Our exclusive electric bike business makes riding as a senior a reality. We have a showroom with space to walk around, staff who are trained to take you through the options for your individual journey and to find the best option for where you are NOW not 10 years ago or 10 years into the future. EveryBody eBikes is a specialist - we don't do mountain bikes or BMX. We stock reliable, robust and perfect ebikes to get you riding now and for as long as you want. We find the perfect fit for you today. On 2-wheels or 3-wheels!

2-wheeled electric bikes

Kalkhoff e bike

Kalkhoff trekking bike - we are Brisbane's best shop for this excellent German brand

We believe the journey for most people varies with age. Some start with a "boy's bike" - a 2-wheeled bike with a cross-bar either mechanical or electric. We have Kalkhoff ebikes which look like a traditional bike but give you super-charged leg muscle strength. Perfect to make riding on hills easier and more enjoyable. We even offer modifications if your hips, knees or ankles are sore or you are post-surgery. We have many tricks to keep you riding your bike longer.

Then maybe they think about throwing their leg over and want something a bit safer, opting for a step-through electric bike. The BF Roma is a sensitive and powerful mid-drive and the German-made Kalkhoff range is perfect for exploring rail trails, trekking, getting out and about in style.

BF roma e bike

Stabilised 2-wheeled folding ebike

If you are starting to worry about balance and falling, the stabilised smaller-format ebike is the way to go for many older riders. Designed with shortened cranks to make turning those pedals easier, and with balance support when you stop so you don't feel like you will fall, the ezi-Step 2+2 is a great and very popular solution.

electric trike

And if that isn't your look or feel, or you want something better suited to your height and build, an upright trike can offer true freedom to be able to get around independently, without reliance on a car or other people.

Electric trikes - upright and sit-down models

Many who have lost or fear losing their drivers licence consider an upright trike as the next logical step. We have traditional thin tyre models in 20" and 24" and also a fat-tyre mid-drive when coolness is key!

bf trojan trike

But upright electric tricycles can be tricky to ride and if you feel you are too high up and the handling to be challenging, the sit-down style of a semi-recumbent tricycle like the Trident is by far the preferred option. We have both the fat-tyre and traditional options for the Trident and the Dutch-designed and made Huka Cortes when comfort is key.

electric trikes

But we don't say that's it, even if you no longer feel able to ride independently. We offer assisted bikes and trikes, side-by-side tricycles for couples, family members or support workers to share the experience with you and keep you riding. Our Huka Orthros is the most popular option for side-by-side riding.

Electric trike


And when you no longer wish to pedal, we offer both the Rickshaw style of ebikes, cargo passenger bikes and of course a wheelchair bike. We stock the Huka Diaz and the TB Ricky models among others. Sharing your ride with another can be the most beautiful way to keep riding. Cycling without Age has been burgeoning across the country - who doesn't like riding when someone else is doing all or most of the pedalling, steering and braking!?!?

e trike

And if you need a wheelchair, we have you covered with the Huka Diaz - especially designed to be comfortable while riding but able to be decoupled so you can enjoy the cafe as well.

We have solutions along the full continuum of riding throughout your life. No matter your age, your ability, your confidence or your skills and support needs, we can keep you enjoying the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

The only Australian company to offer bikes from start to finish. We keep you riding longer and keep you connected with the people and things you love.

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