A case study - "KB's i-Tri to Trident Upgrade"

I have no trepidation riding the semi-recumbent electric trike at all.  With the center of gravity so low, there is no fear of tipping and I am so confident.

There is nothing to think about with the semi-recumbent electric trike, except to enjoy the ride.  If any of your clients have medical conditions that restrict their strength, balance or mobility, I would not hesitate to recommend the semi-recumbent electric bike.  I can just slowly pedal along and let the bike do the hard work, all I have to do is keep the pedals going round. I have been doing that for a little while, and now I am slowly reducing the electric and building my own strength.  This bike allows me to do that in my own time. As you know I have rheumatoid arthritis and hyper mobile joints, and I am having zero negative impact from riding this bike.  The change to my mental health is also a bonus.  Just being able to do something 'normal' and go for a ride, by myself or with R is wonderful.

I am so grateful for the help you offered me when I needed to exchange the more upright trike (i-Tri 24" in celeste) to the semi-recumbent electric trike. 

I would not recommend the upright designed trike to anyone who has any weakness in their upper body, as you do require some strength to steer it when there is any camber on the road. For me to keep the Celeste, I would only be able to ride on flat surfaces, no camber, not on the road at all, and most footpaths are worse.  It is a beautiful trike and without my Rheumatoid Arthritis and hyper mobile joints it may have been ok for me.

So thank you both for your help.  I love my trike.