Taking the time to enjoy rail trails: Part 1 - LWRT Victoria

Length: Approx 50km each way

Terrain: mainly flat with shade

Surface: Hard-packed gravel extremely well-maintained

As some of you may be aware, our wonderful business takes us away from Brisbane to enable people across the country to trial electric tricycles. This usually requires a quick dash from Brisbane to place A or B and a quick dash home. But sometimes, it is important to stop and smell the roses.

Recently, we enjoyed a mammoth trip through QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and TAS. Along with multiple trials in each location we stopped, we also had fun riding through some beautiful countryside.

We stopped near Lilydale in VIC to be able to ride the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail. 


What struck us as we pedalled along was how beautiful the sunlight was, casting dappled light through the leaves onto the well-kept surface of the trial. We were also encouraged by the immense use of the rail trail as a means of adventure, exercise, social activity and enjoyment. 

I think we mentioned at the time that we saw walkers on their own, with partners, friends, family, kids, dogs. We passed runners of the both casual and committed type along with cyclists on all manner of bikes. All pleasantly shared the space going at different speeds including those appearing to breaking Strava records (usually on road or gravel bikes), cruisers, oma-style step-throughs, folding bikes (including a Brompton), and of course all manner of electric bikes, cargo bikes and even one trike rider!  


The surface of this trail was extremely well-maintained. We rode with Schwalbe Marathon ePlus tyres and they were perfect but not necessary due to the condition. Others rode past us on road bike slicks! This is not a rail trail where you worry about your tyre width and tread.

If anyone tells you that ebikes aren’t for serious trails, tell them this: “At least I am out there having fun, with the wind in my hair and my eyes on the trail”. We had a wonderful day, clocked up over 110km round trip including a diversion to and from our accommodation and for me, my first small section of off-road track through the forest. We were tired and the bikes were certainly dusty at the end but we enjoyed every minute of it! A wonderful day was had by all and our first experience of railtrails in Victoria will most definitely not be our last. 


Remember, we have some glorious rail trails on our doorstep, with the Brisbane Valley Rail Trial (BVRT), the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail (KKRT), the South Burnett Rail Trail (SBRT) and the just opened Northern Rivers Rail Trail (NRRT). Want to know more, ask one of the team as most of us have ridden some or all of the local routes.

Make sure you ask us how you can make your chosen bike better suited to rail trails, including a safety check before you go, fitting of rugged tread tyres, tube sealant, handlebar bags from Ortleib, rear vision mirrors and of course a phone holder so you can capture the moment (legally of course).

Andrea and Richard

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