Reach Impairment

Reach Impairment

Some of our customers want to ride a bike but fear they are the wrong shape or size. That’s why we call ourselves “EveryBODY eBikes” – we can offer ideas and suggestions to get a bike to fit, no matter what your size.

With restrictions in reach, the concern is always around being able to control the operation of the bike safely. Restrictions may include but are not limited to:

  • Inability to safely engage brakes
  • Restrictions in range for steering
  • Discomfort from being in a poor postural position when riding

We can offer modifications to improve range and reach regardless of the underlying cause.


  • Modified handlebars with a range of widths, heights and sweep angles
  • Adjustments to brakes using a range of options to improve grip for small hands, hands with missing digits including a smart-brake button operated brake feature
  • Adjustment to stem angle to bring the handlebars closer from the frame upwards

electric bike for reach impairement

Being able to join outdoor activities, use the electric motor to keep up with family and friends and to feel safe knowing your bike has been fitted and customised to suit your individual needs offers substantial benefits to any rider.

Our range:

You may have these features fitted to a standard two-wheel ebike, to a semi-recumbent or to a modified two-wheeler, for instance.

Case Studies:

F. - missing digits and limb deficiency

M.C. Missing digits – Semi-recumbent with smart brake

A.B. Small hands – BF Roma with modified brake levers

Features: modified handlebars, stem rotation, handlebar shape, brake adjustments, smart brake

Our difference: willingness to customise, configure and fit the rider to achieve best achievable outcomes