Options after Loss of Driving Licence

Options after Loss of Driving Licence

Some of our customers have been driving for 60+ years before they are instructed to no longer drive. This can be devastating, with many changes required to just maintain your community access, social engagement and independence. We can only guess how it must make you feel. If the loss is permanent or temporary, the impact can be as significant. We say plan for the inevitable and if it happens, well you will be prepared. We have a very wide range of electric trikes which make getting out and about so much more fun than driving!

Riding for seniors can have so many benefits.

None of us want to lose our freedoms and become dependant upon others but sometimes it is inevitable. Plan in advance and get riding while you can still drive and then using a trike more frequently will become far more familiar. And you never know, it can really change your life!

Riding an electric trike as a senior can have some huge benefits

A study in the UK summarises some of these positive consequences.

  • Slow down the progression of ageing - well there is a massive bonus!
  • Weight loss
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Improved mental well-being
  • Preserved strength

We have many options and are happy to find something which is attractive, fun and just a little bit different if you feel way too young to consider the alternatives!

We have some solutions for you:

Temporary loss

If you just need a solution for a temporary loss of licence, we can help by identifying suitable assistive technology which may be low cost, suited to ongoing use as an alternative form of transport or through our limited rental program. Ask us about your options.

Permanent loss

If you know that there is no going back to driving due to your individual circumstances, we can work with you and your OT to identify the key areas where you will require alternative means of transport. Whether this is for accessing the community for shopping or visiting friends or open spaces or if it is to continue to have a level of activity which your vehicle previously enabled you to access.