Community Access

Community Access

Time and time again, our retail customer and NDIS participants have improved community access as one of their primary goals. When they come to meet with us and investigate the options in our range, the need to get outside and enjoy open space and shared experiences is paramount in their focus.

We read in the news the issues those living with a disability may face from spending time alone and typically indoors.

Outdoor activities helps mental and physical well-being

Social isolation 

This is typically defined by a low frequency of social contact. Compared to the general population, people with disability have fewer friends, less social support and are more socially isolated. This has never been more apparent than in these times of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns due to Covid19.

Reduce loneliness

Having access to a means to get out and about, whether supervised, through independent means or with assistance has never been more important as a tool to help manage wellness and mental health - confirmed in a recent study in UK which discusses how cycling can reduce loneliness.

Cycling and your health

Those benefits are well documented. The Victorian Government released this article: Cycling and your health.

Using an electric bicycle to visit the markets can make community access easier for those unable to walk too far. Tern HSD with Basil crate

Choose a bike or trike which is right for you

It may be something as simple as getting to the shops or the local park, but without the appropriate options to make this achievable, comfortable and safe, some may choose to stay at home. We try to give Every Body options to explore

We stock a wide range of ebikes, etrikes and special needs trikes which can help all members of our community improve their access to their local neighbourhood. And you never know, you may just encourage others to join you in a new-found means of getting out and about! We are all about getting all ages and all abilities riding, regardless of skills or experience.

Lesley and Helen ride together often and encourage each other to use their i-Tri upright trikes to access their local community

Need to get further afield? We even stock trailers and carriers which are suited to carry 2-wheel and 3-wheel bikes on the back of vehicles using a tow-bar assembly.