Customisation & Adaptation of trikes

Customisation & Adaptation of trikes

One size most definitely does not fit all. At EveryBody eBikes we know this all too well. What works for one person mostly likely will not work for you. BUT – we can get close and then customise or modify the fit to suit you perfectly. We have a workshop which is designed to handle trikes and larger bikes and is fitted with all the equipment to fabricate, adapt, extend and alter.

Merle's BF Rehatri HCC semi-recumbent fitted with a mid-drive motor and SmartBrake system

Merle’s story

“I can honestly say that this trike has changed my own self-concept (i.e. my identity in my own eyes), when I ride this trike, I simply no longer feel disabled and isolated. I feel empowered and enabled to engage in the activities and environments that I previously enjoyed. This trike has certainly transformed my future into one which is very positive and filled with exciting possibilities.”

Our customised range includes options for:


  • Modified handlebars, adjustable head-stems, suspension head-stems
  • Modified seats and saddles
  • Fitting suspension posts
  • Modified cranks to suit knee and hip flexion
  • Change to pedals (strap, ratchet, cage, heel-cup, moon-boot, SPD clips)
  • Modified wheel operation including free-wheel, fixed-wheel and quick interchange between fix-wheel/free-wheel
  • Adjusting the braking system from caliper to hydraulic
  • Changing the brakes for people with smaller hands or low hand strength
  • Harnesses, postural supports and head rests.


  • Changing the steering to be rear-steer using an attendant bar
  • Adding a side-steering function for improved communication between rider and attendant
  • Tandem operation using in-line electric tandems, side-by-side tandems or tandem trike trailers (TTT)
  • Changing the control of the electric power to a rear attendant bar or using a remote-control assembly for operation by an attendant
  • Enabling a supervising adult to control the remote operation of the brakes


  • Modified electric controls for low-speed settings
  • Options for wireless braking using SmartBrake technology
  • Changing speed controls to single-speed level
  • Use of walking throttle
  • Enabling the use of therapy mode for attendant controlled bikes


  • Front baskets and bags
  • Rear baskets and bags
  • Accessory bar for panniers
  • Lights
  • Locks