Adapted and Fitted to YOU!

Adapted and Fitted to YOU!

We are all different shapes and sizes. At EveryBody eBikes, we really do mean EveryBody!

Whether young or old, fit or infirm, large or small, skilled or a bit scared, we take the time to talk to you about your goals and aspirations for riding and then we try to find a bike or two that can be fitted to you.

3 happy ladies riding their electric bikes and trikes with their dogs

We are not your average bike shop. Our range is extensive and growing. Two-wheeled bikes are only part of our range and we include stabilised bikes, folding bikes, large format tricycles and even folding tricycles. Most of our range is electric because many riders benefit from the boost either to start to move or to help when riding. Remember, the electric pedal assistance can always be turned off!

We take the time to look at your height, your arm reach, your ease of getting on and off the bike, your confidence on 2 or 3 wheels, your need for comfort and of course the main reasons for riding (exercise, freedom, transport, shopping, recreation, travelling, commuting, meeting up with friends, going to the market…the list is almost endless)

three males riding their electric bikes and trikes

And after all that, we hope to find a bike or two to suit so you have a choice and if not, maybe we can even point you elsewhere with the confidence that at least we have looked after you during your journey!