Cognitive Disability

Cognitive Disability

Sharing life with someone living with cognitive impairment

Not making safe decisions can scare riders or their family into staying away from bike. Trying to find activities which bring joy and fun into their world can be a challenge and the thing you may have previously avoided can sometimes become your saviour.

Whether considering a different style of bike to the usual 2-wheeler or considering modifications which increase the level of safety for those with cognitive impairment, we have options to get you and your loved one riding. Riding has been recognised as mitigating the effects of dementia, for instance.

More than one option to keep you riding on your own personal journey

Options are for the type of bike which may work for you:

  • Independent riding
  • Supported riding and assisted riding with a pedestrian attendant
  • Shared riding using tandems, trailers or side-by-sides
  • Passenger riding on chariot or rickshaws

We also have options to improve the safe operation of any bike:

At EveryBody eBikes, we stock a range of such bikes:

Huka Orthros or Worksman Cycles Team Dual side-by-side tricycles which is ideal for heavier riders or the lighter ones in our lives!

Electric tandem co-pilot 3 which has a stable front suited to older riders living with dementia

The Huka Orthros where you can ride and chat, share body language and fun together still
By providing a range of options, you can choose what suits your budget, your space limitations for storing and riding and of course the level of comfort you need to share this amazing experience with your loved one.

You can even use a tandem trailer tricycle which connects to a standard ebike. This is a versatile option which enables the pilot to ride alone sometimes as well as ride with their partner or friend at other times.

Riding on a tagalong can enable families to get to places where the rider is unsafe to ride the whole distance independently. This model is the Trident tagalong being towed by a Trojan fat-tyre trike.

Believe us when we say that there are options out there to enable you to still enjoy the outdoor world together and bank even more happy memories of shared experiences.