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Best Electric Bikes for Long Commutes
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Top‌ ‌electric‌ ‌bike‌ ‌for‌ ‌long‌ ‌commutes‌‌ 

Commuting on an electric bike is becoming increasingly popular and even necessary in these times of Covid19 and the need to socially distance. Many of us still need to work and although our employers may have prepared our working environment to comply with the restrictions or common sense, our commute to/from work has also seen a rapid change in behaviours.

Some people are lucky and they are able to ride short distances to their workplace while others are seeking out safe and direct routes using the network of cycleways and roads to avoid other travellers during their daily commute.

When riding longer distances, an important consideration is how you will feel when you arrive at your destination. No-one wants to start the working day sweaty and hot, with sticky clothes and exhausted. For these reasons alone, many are now opting for an electric bike for long (and short) commutes, and they are reaping the benefits of the power, the ease of use and the comfort now offered.


At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes, we have a range of bikes suitable for long commutes, including the Lekker Amsterdam range, the BF Roma step-through and even the BF i-Ezi folding electric bike. With all these electric bikes, you can select your work wardrobe of choice, hop on the bike and head to work. No need for showers if you use the power of the bike to take away the challenges of the ride.


For those who can easily throw their leg over the cross bar, it is hard to beat the beautiful lines and low maintenance gearing of the Lekker Amsterdam. For a long commute, we strongly recommend considering a Gates belt drive to save your working clothes from risk of contamination from your chain.


If your ride is flat, you may even opt for the Amsterdam+, a single geared model which comes as standard with those low-maintenance features including the belt drive, comfort handlebars and a distinctive appearance.

Blind Freddy Electric Bikes considers the Lekker Amsterdam range the best electric bikes with a cross bar ‌for commuting. These bikes start at just over $3000. Call us now to confirm the options which best suit your commute, your build and your route to work!

If you don’t want to throw your leg over the bar though and would prefer to ride wearing a skirt or dress even, the best electric bike for long-distance commuting has to be the BF Roma


This bike has it all! Designed with all the features you would expect for a reliable, comfortable and safe ride, the BF Roma is our latest addition to the mid-range options available from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes.

This bike, suitable for men and women, has a low step-through for safe mounting/dismounting, powerful hydraulic disc braking front and rear, a well-tested and reliable mid-drive Bafang motor to get to you work each day, every day and comes already fitted with quality rear rack for carrying your work stuff and integrated lights for the journey home.  With a price tag in the mid $3000s, it is also one of the most competitively priced mid-drives with all these features and ideal for the daily commute.



Test ride our newest addition and show yourself how fantastic independent, safe and sustainable travelling to work really can be.


Best ‌electric‌ ‌bikes‌ for carrying a heavy load‌‌ ‌

The best electric bikes for carrying a heavy load may not in fact be a bike at all. Our best workhorse options have been our go-to for decades: the electric tricycle. 

Fitted with a rear basket as standard and able to carry a combined load of up to 160kg, the BF i-Tri Euro is by far our best electric bicycle for carrying heavy shopping or heavy individuals!


At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes we sell electric tricycles for everybody and our most popular model, the BF i-Tri Euro, is now available in two sizes, with 24” wheels or 20” wheels.

We can fit with trailers, can look after for younger or smaller stature riders and all of our range have the signature low step-through to make it easy and safe to get on and off the trike.

You will be amazed at how easy they are to ride when built from high-grade but lightweight aluminium and kitted out with hydraulic brakes, wide tyres and a high headstem.

We even offer the option for double battery installations if you need a workhorse which will keep on going and going and trike racks if you need your trick to be available whenever you go away.

Interested in knowing more? Come and try a BF i-Tri Euro electric tricycle today at Blind Freddy Electric Bikes

Low-cost‌ ‌electric‌ ‌bikes‌ ‌for‌ ‌the‌ ‌budget‌ ‌conscious‌

Sometimes, although we appreciate that having all the latest and greatest features makes sense, our budget simply doesn’t allow it. When price is your most important driver, let us help you make wise decisions on what to look out for when buying a budget priced electric bike

Blind Freddy Electric Bikes has always aimed to offer ebikes for everybody. Not just those with deep pockets or generous benefactors. Every day people who need an electric bike for work, to get from A to B or to enjoy the great outdoors but may not have a limitless budget to help their decision.  We offer cost-effective solutions for those who are budget-conscious

Our prices start in the mid-$1000s. In 2020, this is higher than in previous years mainly due to increases in freight costs and component pricing when importing from the manufacturers.

When buying a budget electric bike, the key things to look for are:

  1. Quality of the battery powering the motor
  2. Quality of the frame and wheels
  3. Opt for hub-drive
  4. Always buy new
  1. Quality of the battery powering the motor

Brand - Blind Freddy Electric Bikes only sells bikes which use Samsung, Panasonic or LG battery cells. These brands are world-renowned for their quality and reliability. Even our cheapest ebikes use these cells.       

Capacity – this influences the aerage distance between charges – when working to a strict budget, consider opting for a smaller capacity battery. A 10.4Ah battery is always cheaper than a larger one and offers the same power, you simply have to charge more frequently. A small price to pay for a cheaper price tag.

  1. Quality of the frame and wheels

Always look for an aluminium or alloy frame. This affects weight but also durability. Even our entry-level bikes have a good quality frame. The same goes for the wheels: double-walled rims, quality tyres and tubes. Consider tyre sealant to reduce ongoing costs.

  1. Hub-drives can be your friend

Generally speaking, if you opt for a hub-drive the overall cost of the bike is likely to be considerably cheaper. If limited by budget, you would be better placed to consider a good quality hub-drive electric bike than a cheap mid-drive.  The ride is different but different can sometimes be better. Especially if you are mainly riding on flatter areas, are carrying a hip, knee or ankle injury or just want the bike to respond to the required power level regardless of the pedalling effort involved.

  1. Always buy new

A lesson well learned. If the bike has a good spec but it is 2nd hand and cheap, your upfront cost may be low but your subsequent costs may completely blow your budget. Always buy new unless you get the bike checked by a qualified bike mechanic and the battery load tested to determine its health.

Budget Pricing                                    

The best priced full-size electric bike from BFeBikes does vary. We are just about to release the XDS e-Metro electric bike which will retail for $1550 and has many of the features you would expect from bikes with a far higher price tag!


The best priced folding electric bike from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes is the BF i-Ezi, with its integrated 36V 10.4Ah battery in the frame uses Samsung cells and is only $1800.


The most beautiful hub-drive is the Lekker e-Jordaan step-through electric bike. At $2500 it isn’t the cheapest but it comes with a larger capacity battery (14.5Ah), gorgeous front rack and front wheel hub-drive and 3 speed integrated gearing. If your budget stretches to mid $2k, this is one to watch.


Buy a budget-priced electric bike from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes and we will look after you during the sale but also for the long haul.‌ We assemble, test ride, service and repair all the bikes we sell.

Best‌ ‌lightweight‌ ‌electric‌ ‌bikes‌ ‌for‌ ‌portability‌

Weight is often a major consideration when purchasing a electric bike. It is important to consider how easy it is to ride the bike, to move the bike during transitions and of course to lift or store the bike when not in use. Sometimes, people forget to also consider how versatile the bike is. Can it be used for commuting, recreational riding, travelling and popping down to the shops? We think the BF i-Ezi can do all this and more. Read below to find out why the BF i-Ezi is best in class for lightweight electric bikes for portability:

Best lightweight electric bike – Blind Freddy Electric Bikes has the lightest electric bikes in the folding electric bikes category. The BF ezi-Step has a bi-fold mechanism and 20” wheels while the BF i-Ezi folds in three parts and makes the most of its 16” wheels and design to offer the smallest folded dimensions in this class.

Best lightweight electric folding electric bike

The most popular lightweight electric bike is the BF i-Ezi, a folding electric bike which has a tri-fold mechanism making it one of the smallest and lightest in class.


Not only is the BF i-Ezi lightweight, it is comfortable, fun to ride and suitable for nearly all ages.  Our customers choose this model for commuting 

and for travelling and even for simply throwing in the back of their car for a trip to the beach!


The BF i-Ezi weighs only 18kg with the battery and saddle. When battery and saddle are removed, the weight of this electric bike reduces to under 15kg! The battery weighs just over 2kg and is easily removed during the folding process and makes lifting the bike into a car or caravan easy for nearly everybody. Removing the saddle and seat post reduces the overall dimensions and can add a further 1kg+ weight reduction, depending on your saddle of choice. Our most popular broad saddle is just shy of 1kg for instance!

This folding ebike has been approved for use on peak hour trains due to its tiny footprint when  folded and the inclusion of a nylon cover for use when not riding. The BF i-Ezi is only 66cm tall x 69cm wide x 44cm deep when fully folded!


Another major consideration when selecting a lightweight electric bike for portability is how easy it is to move when you are transitioning from riding to destination. The BF i-Ezi has amazingly useful luggage wheels attached to the rear rack which are accessible as soon as the ebike is folded.


By tilting the folding bike, it can be pushed or pulled exactly the way you use a rolling suitcase, making it easy to move from train to office when commuting, from bikepath to café bikerack when having a well-earned break or even when moving around a caravan park and getting ready to transport the bike in van or car.  The design of the BF i-Ezi has thought of everything!

Not only is the BF i-Ezi the best lightweight electric bike, it is also an affordable electric bike to own. At under $2000, this ebike is a must have for the savvy ebike purchaser.

Available in a range of bright colours and only available from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes, call us today to test ride the best lightweight folding ebike on the market or simply buy online!


Buy a BF i-Ezi folding bike now