The Accidental Cyclists! - An Experience By Customers Cathy & Steve

Becoming an Accidental Cyclist

A case story of our customers Cathy and Steve

I had never thought of riding a bike, but at the beginning of 2020, I decided to investigate this foreign concept! I stumbled across Blind Freddy’s website and it was by far the most enticing for the nervous, hoping to be cyclist!
Nothing was too much trouble for owner Andrea to explain, and she was completely unperturbed by our lack of cycling knowledge and genuine fear of getting on a bike! I had spotted the e-trike range online and was keen to look more at these.
On a test ride on the trike, I was very nervous, very slow, but all the time Andrea was so encouraging and helpful. She even adjusted the seat to one that was seriously like sitting on a comfy couch!
white electric trike with basket folding grey ebike with stabilisers
We left having purchased an e-trike and also a folding e-bike with stabilisation wheels for my husband, who had never ridden a bike in his life before! We decided, while it looked most unusual, at least we were on our way to learning to ride! We found the least busy bike ways in Brisbane and our confidence quickly grew!
Lady riding a white upright electric tricycle along a bike path in Brisbane male riding bike
Andrea and Richard have a great approach and serious expertise which means they help you select just the right bike for you, they won’t sell a bike until you are safe enough riding it, and they are so encouraging and supportive, and all of this sets them apart from any other bike shop. They allow you the time to try different bikes and make the whole experience fun and super supportive.

About six months after having the trike, I was on a mission to buy a bike! Back to Blind Freddy’s and Andrea suggested the Jordaan e-bike, which has been the perfect bike for me. While I still ride the trike often, I also really enjoy being on the bike!  Never did I think we would have any need for a bike rack, however we have one now, and we are trying out so many of the great bike paths in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
white and black electric bike at the shops
While purchasing a bike or trike is a substantial purchase, it has worked out much cheaper for us than previously purchased (and sometimes poorly used!) gym memberships.
Steve has progressed now to a Roma ebike and is loving his upgrade on the recommendation of Andrea and Richard.
black electric bike on the trails white and black electric bike at in front of black wall
A trip to EveryBody eBikes shop is such a wonderful experience - not only do you get personalised service, but you are assured of getting a bike that is right for you, considering your lifestyle and your ability, be it as a seasoned cyclist or completely lacking in any bike riding experience as we were!  
Plus they have the best ever range of accessories for you bike! They are full of helpful tips to get the most out of your bike and they are genuinely interested in ensuring you have fun while cycling! The best customer service while you shop in the best bike shop - EveryBody eBikes (formerly Blind Freddy’s)!

- Cathy & Steve

Editors note: Cathy has since upgraded to a mid-drive top of the line Kalkhoff trekking bike so she can master hills and enjoy riding wherever she likes! Go Cathy!