BYK Electric Swinging Wheel Bikes

BYK Electric Swinging Wheel Bikes

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For developing kids' riding skills

Age: 5-9 years  |  Height: 110cm - 140cm  |  Ability level: Wants age-appropriate bike similar to peers, but needs assistance with balance and/or fatigue

Being able to ride a bike is the dream of most children. At everyBody eBikes, we base our starting point on an award-winning design from BYK (rated 10 out of 10 by Bicycling Australia magazine) and build the necessary supports to suit their needs. We offer pedal assisted power, the option to stabilise the bike with swinging wheels, to change the handlebar height and shape to suit the needs of the individual and to customise to assist with limb deficiencies.

Sure, the bike will end up looking a bit different to a standard 2-wheeled children's bike, but not that much compared to many adaptive bikes and trikes.  If your child wants a standard bike designed for their size and build, what better way than to start with the amazing BYK range and add the supports they need to get them riding with friends and family sooner and safer.

  • Lightweight alloy. Low gravity concept design
  • Brakes - Rear coaster brake and alloy side pull front caliper & rear V rim brake
  • Tyres - low profile, low resistance design with tough tubes
  • Saddle height: Adjustable saddle height from 58 to 73 cm
  • Weighs 17kg


  • Bell
  • Reflectors
  • Headstem cover

OPTIONS (additional cost)

  • Side steer
  • Backrest and lateral supports