Interviewed by Andrea on 5th December 2019


Mick rides an electric tricycle: the BF i-Tri Euro in white. This etrike has a 350W motor regulated to an upper output of 250W. It comes with a 48V battery and is available in pearlized white, as Mick has, or a beautiful bright red.

Mick lives locally in a complex for older people. He grew up in rural Victoria and played AFL competitively even having a run with St Kilda until demands on the farm meant he had to stay home. He was able to shear 100 sheep by the time he was 15! Fit and strong until his middle years, some health issues had started to take their toll until he discovered our BF i-Tri Euro.

How long have you had your etrike?

Six months. I bought it because of mobility. Unable to walk more than 20 paces without having to stop and rest. Wheelie walker further distances but wanted to be out and about to make life better

How has using your electric trike changed things for you?

Well, feel much better in myself and cardiologist says it has improved cholesterol unbelievably

Laughed at first but probably right – extra exercise really did need.

Do about 10-12 km every day. Not been shopping yet but go on bike tracks and visit places to stop and stop at a certain spot to use the hand pedals which you stand at and that gives me upper body movement 50 revs about 2-2.5 mins to give legs a spell and change it up.

Does using your trike change your daily routine?

Heavens! Riding my electric trike has made such a difference. Not sitting around house all day. Don’t go into house until after 3,.30 and able to stay outside unless it is really windy. Using the electric motor in headwind and body stops a lot of the wind and need electrical boost to be able to pedal into strong headwind. In one area where I ride, sometimes I just sit on bike and wind will take me…unreal wind blowing so hard but important thing is still to be out there in the fresh air and doing exercise. Riding my trike makes me feel really good in myself – I get the same feeling as I did after a long hard day of work!

Thank you for your insights, Mick.

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