The Numb Bum 2 – From couch to carefree…

Assessing the commute

We wanted to know whether travelling from inner Brisbane to the store in Brendale was a feasible commute. Our exploring took 50 mins door-to-door and included travel on the road, sharing the road and a few sections on a dedicated bike track. I know type one I prefer, but sometimes those cycleways don’t go straight to your destination. Experienced by first blast from an angry motorist and note to self to report and to buy a helmet cam. Intolerance on a Sunday morning. Maybe he was an England supporter after Rugby World Cup final result? I think not...a rude welcome to the world of cyclists for this couch potato.

But I made it okay. Overtook R on the hills and he clawed back the lead on straights and downhills. Another note: try a larger wheel option. Loved it though. Arrived relatively unsweaty in a reasonable time. Took the scenic route home via the road to join the Jim Soorley bikeway from Bracken Ridge to Toombul and onto the Kedron Brook bikeway home. Nearly 50km roundtrip and justified the revised name of the blog "the numb bum - from couch to carefree"

My ride for the day – BF i-Ezi commute ebike

Distance: 47km roundtrip | Benefits: Roads and bikeways, safety first, a feasible way to ditch the car commute!