Social Participation and NDIS

Social Participation and NDIS


Feeling part of a community, being able to meet with friends, visit the park, explore your local neighbourhood or even further afield. All these things help you participate fully, to get outdoors and of course to have fun.

Being able to join in with social activities

Many NDIS participants have social participation as one of their fundamental priorities and have identified an electric bike or trike as a key way to achieve this goal, by making it easier to get out, go further, tire less and join in with others.

Physical and mental well-being

We all understand how important it is to interact with everyone in the community. Moving out and meeting people is good for both physical and mental health. It is something which for you might not be that important but for people with any form of disability it can be a real difficulty which they would definitely love to overcome. 

It has been observed that addressing and encouraging social participation and its inclusion for people with disability typically has significant benefits. If you are an NDIS participant and you have been approved of support and assistance category then it can greatly benefit you in the following ways:
  • It can lead to an improvement in the behavior and attitude of the people with disabilities as well as their family and carers.
  • It can help them in boosting their self-confidence and personality.
  • It can reduce longer-term care and support which may be required. This can automatically result in a reduction in costs.
  • People who have a disability at a slightly lower level can help them in the reduction of support.

Ways to improve social participation can include:

  • Joining and participating in social group or community like organised rides
  • Planning an outing with family and friends and being able to keep up
  • Visit to your local neighbourhood, making it easier to go further and feel safe and confident of being able to get home again
  • Participating in community activities and events like riding in the park or at organised bike events
  • Personal development courses including bike skills development/training
  • Learning new skills including bike riding
  • Participating in sports club

Noting that sometimes social participation is as basic as having the strength to get across the park and back again without the concern of fatiguing part way back,

We have a wide range of ebikes and assistive technology that can greatly assist you participate socially without fear of fatiguing or not being able to keep up. Please ask us how we can help.