Reducing the Impact of Heat

Reducing the Impact of Heat

Selecting the ideal time for a recreational ride is often a good idea, but sometimes that is not possible. Many of our customers are susceptible and sensitive to heat, we have worked with our customers to offer some accessories which may help:

  • We recommend using a good-quality vented helmet together with a sunbrim which offers shade to the front, sides and back of the neck of the rider together with light-weight, good coverage clothing

Sun Prim Hat for heat protection

Figure 3: Vented helmet with sun brim protection

  • We can customise mounting points to enable ice-vest equipment to be carried
  • We are able to fit customised sunshades or canopies to tricycles or semi-recumbents to provide more protection while you are riding

If sun avoidance is not possible, use of the electric motor to get home quickly and safely also plays an important part in managing fatigue induced from heat.

Riders can rely on the motor to reduce the effort in pedalling. Use of the walking throttle (walking mode) feature can also greatly help when the rider is over-heated and unable to pedal any longer.

Features: walking throttle, electric pedal assistance, helmets, sunshades, sunbrims

Our difference: customisation, foot retention, handlebar modifications, training/skills development, ebikes, pedal assistance, electric tricycles, semi-recumbents