Loss of Confidence

Loss of Confidence

If you haven’t ridden a bike for years or have not ridden since an incident in the past or even since an operation, your confidence can take a hit. Rocking up to a trendy bike shop manned by young kids who have never had a day sick in their lives can be daunting. Getting on a bike in front of them without really knowing how things will go, can make you put riding a bike back into the “too hard basket”.

Worries about riding again:

  • Unable to ride anymore
  • Have never ridden and no idea how to do it
  • Fear of falling or crashing
  • Concerns you may be laughed at
  • Fear of losing balance

At EveryBody eBikes we try to make everyone feel comfortable. We know many, especially with Covid19, are turning to bike riding as a means to escape the short walking circuit from home, as a means to escape the boredom of following the same route or always being with the same people. Our approach is not that of a traditional bike shop. We take time. We ask a lot of questions but we listen. We have a few strategies up our sleeve to help those who have lost their confidence and we have the range to entice you back to riding.

Bike options:

Many of our range can be ridden once confidence has returned. To help you get there, sometimes it is the least expected which feels just right. Our BF ezi-Step 2+2, a small format electric folding bike with 20″ wheels comes fitted with quick release stabilisers. Just having the support for balance is often enough to get people riding again, and if their confidence and balance improves, you can remove the stabilisers and ride the two-wheeler as is.

If it is a concern about loss of balance which drives that change in confidence, the electric tricycle and semi-recumbent models are fun to ride and a completely different approach to cycling. We often find those who have not ridden for decades are quick to pick up this model and make it their own!

Case studies:

V.Q. BF ezi-Step

Thank you so so much for the time you spent with me on Saturday morning. I was so apprehensive about taking a bike for a test ride as I lacked confidence in my ability to control a beautiful new bike off the showroom floor without damaging it. You were fabulous with your tutoring and instructions and amazingly I ended up buying the bike I was least interested in upon first sight. You guys are amazing!"