Rehatri Special Needs Electric

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16" suitable for person with inside leg measurement 53-71cm (step over 24cm)

20" suitable for person with inside leg measurement 58-81cm (step over 34cm)

72cm wide 16" and 20" models

Brand: Rehatri
Frame Material: Steel 72cm wide
Wheel Size: 12", 16", 20"
Rim: Alloy
Tyres: 1.75"
Gearing: None
Front Brake: Promax V-brake
Rear Brake: Rear steering arm
Parking: Locking brake
Front Suspension: Rigid
Rear Suspension: Rigid

  1. Electric now possible using EN15194-compliant components
  2. 250W front hub-drive motor
  3. 7.8Ah standard with option for larger capacity 36V battery

Weight Including Battery: +5kg
Weight Excluding Battery: 34-36kg
Shipping Weight: 40-45kg
Maximum Load: 110kg

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