Hobson's Easy Seat specialist saddle

Hobson's Easy Seat specialist saddle

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The Hobson's Easyseat was designed to bring the comfort and joy back to cycling and exercising without pressure on the perineum.

The Easyseat has always been more comfortable than any other seat, but the new edition is even more stable. With an improved contour for better support and a unique padding configuration, there is no rubbing.

The body is supported where needed most. This unique design eliminates the center horn completely which is the cause of discomfort in many conventional saddles. The two individual cups support and protect the pressure points of the body alleviating chaffing, pain, and numbness.

Easyseats are easy to adjust, and are built to last. Lateral adjustment of the cups is achieved by loosening the thumb screws and sliding the cups along the support tube to the desired width. Tilt is adjusted as on any ordinary bicycle seat.

NOTE: The best position for the seat is sitting upright with handle bars positioned upward.

The Original Easyseat has adjustable (width) pads that move independently while pedaling for superior comfort. Since 1982 - over 650,000 sold and counting. Although this is Hobson's oldest model, the benefits it provides you, the rider, is just the same as any one of their higher end products. Simply put, this seat will eliminate all pressure and cycling related pains by placing the riders weight only on his/her sit bones. This is a true unisex bike seat.

This saddle mounts with a standard seatpost clamp - you should be able to use your existing seat post clamp.

Dimensions L 19cm x W 28.4cm 0.75kg