We stock a wide range of accessories to customise the look and feel of your e-bike.

Some of our most popular additions include helmets, saddles and baskets, locks and mirrors.


Accessories FAQs

Why are Basil bags so expensive?

Basil bags, baskets and bells are beautiful. Made with exceptional attention to detail, the value is in the workmanship, design and appearance. Worth every cent!

Do you stock a range of comfort saddles?

We have many customers who would like comfortable saddles. We supply gel, memory foam and sprung saddles and which one is right for you can only be determined by sitting on it.
Please note that broad is not always the best even when your bottom feels a bit tender from newly returning to riding!

What range of baskets do you stock?

Please check our website as the stock varies regularly. We seek affordable, beautiful and well designed items from across the world and we are always happy to hear about other ranges to extend the options.

Are your helmets designed and built to Australian standards?

Yes, all our helmets are built to Australian standards. We only stock reputable brands and recommend you select carefully to obtain best fit

How can we carry a trike or recumbent when we travel or visit friends?

We recommend a trike rack which fits into a Hayman Reece style tow-bar. You may need a registration plate/light panel as well and best to check once the bike is loaded to confirm visibility and compliance with State and Federal laws

What is the recommendation for attaching front baskets?

Basil has the KF front basket adapter which works with most of our ebikes and etrikes. The adapter can enable you to interchange baskets and bags depending on your ride and what you need to carry. We have found it to be a highly versatile way to carry your possessions
Otherwise, check for quill stem quick release mounting plates to make your life easier

Which bag is recommended for the BF i-Ezi?

The BF i-Ezi folding electric bikes have a very small rear rack which limits the range of baskets and bags which fit without inhibiting the folding mechanism or the really useful luggage wheels
We recommend the Zefal Z Traveler 60 as the most versatile option. It attaches with 3 velcro straps, can be fitted tight to the seat post so the luggage wheels can still be used and is able to be extended for taller items (although best to remove the bag before you fold if you use the extension!)

I would like a carrier for 2 bikes for my car. Which ones do you recommend?

We stock a range of car carriers suitable for carrying electric bikes. The options depend on your budget and the key features you are looking for. Regardless, we do recommend a carrier which limits the amount of lifting of the ebikes due to their weight and your safety. Remember, the ebike rack needs to be rated for at least 25kg per bike.
We stock Thule, BuzzRack and EziGrip carriers for 2-wheelers and Hitch rider for 3-wheelers