RENTAL Trident FT fat-tyre semi-recumbent electric tricycle

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FAT-TYRE Sit-down electric tricycle for ultimate comfort and stability

Mid-drive torque-based CYC motor ORANGE only. RENTAL PRICING IS FOR HALF DAY ONLY

TRIDENT FT sit-down electric tricycle with fat tyres for ultimate comfort and stability

Mid-drive cadence or torque-based motors.

Designed for a reclined ride and fitted with a generous seat to assist in balance and ride position. A really fun ride and so comfortable! Long curved handlebars for a cruisy ride, 4" fat tyres for suspension and the coolest look in town.

Trident Sit-down electric tricycle for ultimate comfort and stability, safety and support

Ideal for people with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, or with restricted movement, e.g. associated with spasticity, paraplegia, or dysmelia. Suited to riders with one-sided weakness from a range of conditions including limb deficiencies, Parkinson's, Stroke or CP.

TRIDENT FT “sit-down” semi-recumbent electric tricycle with fat tyre comfort

Our best-selling model is a sit-down trike offering safety, comfort, stability, support and a whole lot of style!


  • Responsive braking using hydraulic disc brakes
  • Easier transfers due to the height of the full seat height and design
  • Slightly prone pedalling action and range of motor options to suit the individual


  • Lower centre of gravity so handles changes in camber with ease
  • Easier to control compared to an upright tricycle
  • Less weight on handlebars to make steering feel lighter and more responsive

Support and Comfort

  • Supportive seating design for bottom and back support with position adjustments and able to be modified with 4-point harness or waist strap
  • Available with standard tyres or the 4” tyre option for a softer and higher ride
  • Motor can be front hub-drive or mid-drive (cadence or torque) depending on the strength of the rider and their planned riding environment.
  • Range of pedal options to assist with foot placement and retention while riding

The benefits of this model means that the Trident is our most popular option for all ages and all abilities and we work with you to determine which configuration best suits your needs.

Dimensions: 189L x 114H x 78W



    Brand BF Trident
    Frame material Aluminium approx 1.88m long
    Wheel size 16" front with 20" rear with 50cm step-over frame ht
    Rim Alloy
    Tyres 16"x4" and 20"x4"
    Gearing Shimano 7-speed
    Front brakes Hydraulic disc
    Rear brakes Hydraulic disc
    Parking Park-brake
    Front suspension Rigid
    Rear suspension Rigid



    250W torque-based motor with 19.2Ah battery and motor controller 

    • Digital display with ability to program speed levels.

    Ability to restrict speed.

    Fully assembled and tested prior to supply.


    Weight including battery 36kg
    Weight excluding battery 33kg
    Shipping weight 40kg
    Maximum load 120kg 


    On bike accessories included:

    • Bell
    • Comfortable mesh seat
    • Adjustable heel-cup pedals with ratchet strap

    Packaged accessories included:

    • 2A Charger


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